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A P.M with a mission impossible
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-05-11 07:38:16
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A few days ago, talking about the results of the British national elections I was talking about the old guard of the Labour Party that should reshape and regain control of a party that has been lost in the new-conservatism even though Tony Blair baptised it new-Labour, yuppies with socialist suits. It also seems that has piled over Gordon Brown and for the first time he openly talks about leaving Downing Str. To help the party to find common ground with the Lib Dems. After all as I had pointed out the roots of the Lib Dems are in the Labour Party.

But whoever takes over the PM seat in the next few days and under whatever coalition the future PM will have to deal with some very serious problems that will definitely test his ability to govern under really difficult times and the same time keep the promises given during the campaign. The immigration problems have mountain the last few years and that is not something new for Britain is just that what we see nowadays is not just the pick of an iceberg that has its beginning in 70s but a real Everest that has become uncontrollable the last decade.

Countries like Finland complaining for immigration while Britain gets in a day the same number of immigrants all the Scandinavian countries together probably get in a year  with a great part of the entering the country illegally. But that is not the main problem the new government has to deal with. With his organized-disorganized economic program and constant spending in most unreasonable causes calling them social, Tony Blair first and then Gordon Brown have led the British economy in really dangerous places. And Britain is not Greece. I’m not saying that ironically, what I mean is that Britain is one of the world’s regulator powers and the international markets depend on trust. Anything that might unbalance this trust can be fatal and talking about the domino effect with Greece is like a joke comparing to what might happen if the markets lose their trust to Britain.

Combine the financial insecurity and the immigration problems with a government that depends in a coalition after negotiation and exchanges you get a state in strong introversion scared about anything and as usual gets out all this frustration with closest weak link and in Britain’s case this weak link for decades has been the European Union. That’s another factor the new PM will have to deal with, find her place into the new European reality however unstable and questionable this reality might be. These are not the best times for isolation even for old empires. The new fund the Euro-zone countries create is one good first step for the European political unity even though it works very slowly and still depending on local political interests as Ms. Merkel shown us very well this last month. And Sweden’s voluntarily wish to join the fund even though Sweden is not part of the Euro-zone shows how much things have change and how fragile national economies look in front a monster they created themselves in the name of a free-market and uncontrollable capitalism.

The new British PM has to be a strong PM that would try to ignore the political profits for the good of the country and avoid Brown’s major mistake to turn into a manager instead of a leader. The times, especially regarding economy are difficult and demand a lot of sacrifices from the people so the new PM must be able to inspire and motivate and last the new PM must help the people to rebuild their identity in a modern world and according their history and not depending on populist and often dangerous ideas that the nation has fought in the past.

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