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The day after in Downing Str.
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-05-08 08:33:54
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David Cameron has the majority but nit the keys for the Downing Street …yet! Gordon Brown on his side seems a bit dizzy from the unavoidable Nick Gregg enjoys becoming the star with the chance to be a star not only for ten minutes but for four years. In the meantime to remember Ted Heath nobody really knows who governs Britain at the moment and the alarms of a trebling economy and a crisis that started from Greece are already ringing.

David Cameron didn’t win and the bitter truth for the Labour Party is that Gordon Brown lost and let’s hope that this will wake them up and do something fast before Nick Gregg decides that he wants his part from the power. Amazing how important Nick Gregg became in one night not only for the stability of the country but also for the future of the Labour Party and be sure if the Conservatives want to get rid of him one time the Labour want him out tens of times.

Gordon Brown never was popular in the Labour Party, among the unions – the foundation of the Labour Party - or among the voters of the party. He was the chosen one. Remembering a comment in an article I wrote when he moved to Downing Street taking over from Tony Blair, I agree that this is a representative democracy and Gordon Brown had been elected democratically from the body of the Labour convention but as it often happens this is pure semantics. For nearly two decades Tony Blair despite the fact that the old guard had helped him to rise he pushed them away eliminating anything that reminded the Labour Party of the unions, of the workers and the middle class and transforming it slowly to a social-democratic party often dressing the most conservative policies with socialist vocabulary.

After the first term in power Tony Blair had totally clean up the old guard leaving only some of them for the show, the ones who quickly retired or moved away on his second term. The same time Tony changed all the party mechanism insuring his power in the party and of course when the time came for his retirement he managed to hand the keys to Gordon Brown manipulating the outcome with his access to the right parts of the party’s mechanism. The old guard hasn’t gone, is still there but with the memories of the Thatcher era still torturing and hunting them .that’s why they didn’t react drastically with Brown’s rise. They had been for too long under Thatcher and they had too many loses back in 70s and 80s to give up Downing Street so easily. That’s what I mean when I say that Gordon Brown was on the good side of the time semantics.

In his last period as the PM, Tony Blair didn’t really care for anything except his place in history and as usual when this happens in politics, economics suffer. Every time there was a reaction from any sector of the British life the only thing Tony did was to give more money, money that weren’t his but a result of loans. And then came Gordon. Gordon Brown perhaps would have made a perfect CEO but with the PM seat he has serious problems. You see the CEO has responsibilities and takes decisions but in the end of the day he doesn’t play with his own money most importantly unlike the PM his decisions don’t affect thousands of human lives. And this is were Gordon failed. He has been acting like a successful bank CEO in one of the most powerful nations worldwide in every sense.

This minute Gordon Brown is negotiating with Nick Gregg but not for the continuation of the Labour Party’s in Downing Street but for his political survival. If the Liberal Democrats come to an agreement with the Conservatives then this is the end of Gordon Brown for good. If not, still suffering from the thirst of power the Labours will let Gordon Brown to continue ruling the country. Of course this old guard had both the power and the time to change things and not let the negotiations land on Gordon’s lap. After all even Gordon’s draw can be part of the negotiation.

A government with Liberal Democrats and Conservatives will be a travesty and Nick Gregg knows it too well. Not only because the conservatives after all this time away from the power will strike will wolves – and this is not populism, Cameron is not Thatcher and the signs have already there – but because the differences between the Liberal Democrats and the conservatives are fundamental and a cooperation like that will only give Cameron an alibi for his plans but it will damage any future evolution of the Liberal Democrats. Apart from that we should never forget – and let’s hope that Nick Gregg will not forget it either – that the foundations of the Liberal Democrat Party as in the Labour Party and principals.

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