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Dormant Emotion Dormant Emotion
by David Barger
2021-05-14 07:23:54
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The smallest infringement is a ruse
Where I am entertained in laughter,
And tied by the bonds of sorrow,
But where is my enlightenment
That kindles each parting gift released?
Where then is my muse?

Electrified skies encased of dark storm
As clouds weighed heavy towards
The dry red ground of dust and clay
Become mixed of entangled purification,
And when moisture collides thunder roars!

The anger of wind turning water
And clashing against the cliff edge
Is only a momentary lapse of reason;
Then salt is divided and settles at
The bottom of the sea floor where earth
And water are bedded together in slumber.

At last, evaporation fornicates with the sky,
And the droplets pour and fill an empty
Glass that seems crystal clear;
Then in the calmness rested at hand
I drink all the emotion that hides dormant,
And my dry body is replenished of liquid gold.
My lips crack once the glass is again empty.



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