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Striking Beauty
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2018-03-08 07:53:33
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This  year
I loved
half  of the possibilities
of my chance
And I walked
half steps
No knowledge
Bbeau01_400_01ackwards and forwards
and I cut my dream
as a professional Sharayar
To the rest of this Friday
that small tale
is riding
half on my cheeks
half turning over to
the Holy place
and I wake up
half of the love which has been secret
this morning
my friend
not because I am in love
but there is a Pistachio - Paradise
over that river - on the other side of the river
calling the clouds
and that river
is still confused
Me too - I swear;
between two walls
and cut
in the air
half of the castle is free
on this earth
God is calling
Half of the Angels
around the Bazaar - house
in this dream
the knowledge
is written
and there is a sound
from a coffin

and I am half in love
and half dead
and half knowledge

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