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Sometimes I can be as happy as happy
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2015-11-20 11:15:20
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glad I am
mostly glad the same like the little star in my horoscope
I am watching the milky-way
glad as I wish
because  two days ago or more
mous_400I have burned a beautiful caravan in the journey
from here to the Mercury

the distance, the organise of the distance has been much further
longer than the dream of Shiraff feeding my own dreams
and the distance was much nearer than Capricorn
which imagine over this distant my sadness

are we going to correct  the history
yes we can
here in the milk-way
of course

here is the free bird way
here is the human being way
here is the way and away and away
here is the rest of love

and here you may divide it to all
a moon on Bagdad
a star on Beirut
a jasmine on Damascus

promise over the glass limit
tear the same size as this universe
cleaning the victim and the killer
glad as  a drop in the ocean

Noah is drowning now
I could say he will never ask us to court
or judge us
as glad as the ocean I will whisper to you

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Emanuel Paparella2015-11-20 17:30:09
Wasn't Boudelaire who also said: be drunk, be drunk all the times, whether with wine, with knowledge or with poetry, be drunk all the times"? Indeed, to kill the poetical in oneself is to kill one's humanity.

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