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Why do animals have to pay the tall for every single whim people have
by Shavarsh Palabikian
2010-04-23 07:50:31
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Why do animals have to pay the tall for every single whim people have? Why should animals suffer, be mercilessly killed, tortured, chased, anywhere and anytime? Why, why, why? Due to the low evolution of the human race whole species have disappeared but still we keep going in the wrong direction.


Man claims to be the most rational being on earth... However, killing a living thing, flaying its fur to put it on your neck simply out of vanity - this doesn’t seems very reasonable, nor is it primitive – this is sick ... Unfortunately, most people are such. What a pity ...


However, they do not realize that behind these trophies, which they proudly possess, hides all the horror of the slain animal. And that horror goes straight into them. This negative energy, which they take from dead animals, makes them blind to the obvious things: they are so engaged with themselves that they cannot see the pain they cause. They see the others - not themselves.


Some day people will realize their mistakes and will start to live in complete harmony with nature and animals. That day will come... I believe in it.


P.S. I would like to see it so much!







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Zed2010-04-23 08:53:28
Because they are animals. Based on these pictures you are referring to the animals bred for their fur. So I don't think they will disappear anytime soon. I guess I am "sick", harvesting animals for fur or food is not an issue with me. I must know the proper way to clean animals as I have never found any "negative energy" in any of them. I do feel at harmony with nature.

Toni2010-04-23 09:19:22
Zed,you are not in harmony with nature, no you do not understand nature you are a consumer, if someone you flay the skin how you feel, Nature is a unique form of life on earth we must protect and preserve

Emanuel Paparella2010-04-23 10:40:52
Intriguing pictures and comments on a subject about which rivers of ink have been utilized: the relationship of man to nature and specifically to animals. Some see the problem beginning with the Scriptural naming of animals by Man implying that he has dominion over them as in fact he exercises. It is obvious, the argument goes, that violence is programmed into humans as well as animals, biology is destiny, the strong survive, the weak perish, animals in particular behave by instincts which are what they are and cannot be altered except perhaps genetically by Man. Those are the ineluctable scientific facts we are told. These “facts” in turn create a belief, whether or not the scientist calls it a belief or not, and it is this: there is nothing that we can do to change what is natural and instinctual, God who created the universe is responsible for such a bizarre creation where violence rules supreme and until She changes ferocious creatures like the lion into peaceful beings no peace shall obtain between animals and other animals and between Man and animals; the Peaceful Kingdom predicted by the likes of Isaiah (11:6) where “the wolf shall dwells with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with a kid, and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together” is a mere chimera. (continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2010-04-23 10:41:27
But wait a minute, that is not the whole Biblical story. It is not even half. The Bible begins with the words: in the beginning, and it seems to suggest that in the beginning both human and non humans were created with a non-violent nature. The suggestion is powerfully conveyed by those words: "And God saw every thing that he had made and, behold, it was very good." Not only it was good, but it was very good. So unless God is a deceiver who uses the word good when he means evil and violent all creatures are a reflection of the original innocence and goodness of creation. Obviously something has gone wrong and what has gone wrong may have more to do with man’s behavior than with God’s original blueprint. We need a medieval man to enlighten us in that respect: St. Francis of Assisi who is the patron saint of animals. He called animals brothers and sisters and preached to them and talked to them. He tamed a wild wolf and had him promise that he would not be violent any longer and promised him a daily meal for which he did not have to kill. Francis understood well that for the prophecy of Isaiah to come about, it is us humans that have to return to the original innocence and curb our violent desires. My daughters who works for the humane society tells me that she finds more acts of kindness among animals, many of them inter-species, than among humans. One may call my daughter a cynic but perhaps she is a realist hoping that we humans remember what we were created for.

Zed2010-04-23 10:59:17
@Toni: What? "if someone you flay the skin how you feel"? I think I know what you meant? If someone where to flay me I would feel a great deal of pain before I passed out. What do you mean by "consumer"? How would that affect my harmony and understanding of nature?
The problem is the anthropomorphism of animals. Just don't do it.

A-Gonzaga2010-04-23 11:32:55
First things first. We must save humanity first. The world is rich enough to stop the starvation and cheap deaths across the developing world. A woman in Finland keeps and feeds five dogs and 2 rats, and she's a Peta active member. There are thousands across the developed world like her. Whatever she spends monthly feeding these animals would save many HUMAN lives in other places of the world. But who am I to ask humanity to denounce selfishness and above all - ignorance. We still think that a polar bear deserves better than a poor and dying Bangladeshi or African kid - because the polar bear lives in a land called Europe. Meanwhile, Western nursing homes are increasingly being kept alive by immigrant nurses/workers from those developing countries. Why don't we train polar bears and dogs and cats to care for our elderly across here - since they deserve better, or should come first, and humans second?

Let ALL the necessary truth be told. I am against this that I call "selected truth". Animals must be saved! But humans first! The noun "prioritization" was existing well before I was born.

Toni2010-04-23 13:09:26
people you know that animals have rights just like humans,this is the truth.People are the biggest pests on the planet,animals, they are in harmony with the earth, we do not.Very confused people cease.This does not have the intellect which makes us masters of the world.We live in a time when animal skins we do not have to carry.how many animals have already been deleted from the human hand....we must find a balance,we are parasites, this is the awful truth. No other comment on the matter.Planet earth begging for mercy.Time to change,....we are so insignificant to nature.

Zed2010-04-23 13:35:42
Absolutely we need to preserve the species that are currently endangered. That is extremely important.
However foxes and minks are a sustainable resource. These animals on the fur farms are far from endangered.

Toni2010-04-23 13:44:43
People, and they are not endangered. To kill an animal because of his skin today is more than sick

Zed2010-04-23 13:57:30
Why is harvesting and animal for its skin "more than sick"? And what is "more than sick"?

Ivo2010-04-23 18:04:10
@ Zed
I'll tell you "what is more than sick". You, Zed! You is more than sick!

Zed2010-04-23 18:36:18
@Ivo: Other than the one at the top of your head, what is your point?

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