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But seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-17 10:17:15
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What an irony, a couple of days before I was writing about the altruism of benevolent institutions like PJ Morgan and here comes Goldman Sachs to prove me right with the Securities and Exchange commission accusing them for fraud. Goldman Sachs is another financial institution that has devalues European economies and one of the responsible for the problems Greece is dealing.

But is not the US financial watchdog that is important to find that these institutions are the quintessence of fraud but it is important for the EU to understand it, realize it and do something about it to save the euro! But it seems that Goldman Sachs is not the only institution that faces serous problems in USA, another institution or at least tried to become institution hiding behind former vice presidents and defence ministers, Blackwater is dealing with serious problems with the ex-president charged already on federal weapons charges and waiting for more dirt to be unveiled.

Oddly but if Barack Obama manages to do something, seriously something about all this dirt, especially the dirt that comes from the Wall Street it will be his best political victory and help not only to the American people but the whole world and that will be his biggest achievement and an excuse for another Nobel Prize! Another American who tries hard to leave a stamp in this era is Sarah Palin, whom after drinking all the tea she could start promoting once more the distraction of Alaska. Her think is drill! Drill as much you can and who cares, after all she herself is not Alaskan! If the state was listening to her Alaska should change name and make it New Emmental!

And since we are talking about Sarah Palin, Arizona State had to prove that a new age prejudice is here, the Palin age prejudice making you wander how the native Americans reacted when they saw all those immigrants without any papers taking over their land. Thinking about it now perhaps this is the reasoning behind the decision by Arizona’s congress that made it an offence for a person to lack paper work they are scared that the immigrants will take over and enslave the natives or kill them just like today’s Arizonians did to the natives a few centuries ago.

At least in Europe a gigantic volcanic cloud has covered everything hiding the thousands of problems that uncover the unity of a union is real stress and anxiety. The British people experience for the first time a televised debate and it took them only fifteen minutes to realize that all three of them know how to wrestle but not to help the British people come out of the tunnel. The same time the Pope is asking the Catholic churches for penance for all the sins and Karadzic is toying the judges in the genocide court. The Greek economic problems seem never to end and the other European partners seem to realize that this could be a domino effect and Russians suspect all adoptions to US.

But the best are coming from France; the French president is wandering if he wants to be candidate in the next presidential elections while over 60% of the French people don’t want to see him again and the same time he finds that the media are conspire to separate him from his ex-model wife Carla Bruni! The good news from Europe is that Berlusconi keeps quiet at the moment even though he starts making me wander what he’s after this time.

In Middle East, Hilary Clinton continues travelling around with Israel her last stop and the Iranian dictators have banned the ex-president from travelling abroad. When they start doing things like to their own you can imagine how low they have reached.

In Africa things don’t seem ever to quiet with the Somali first banning Christian bells in a special effect to show how they understand tolerance and democracy while people sleep in the streets to get a ticket for the world cup in south Africa. Unfortunately situation is Africa is so bad and is getting daily worst that you cannot even mention something without feeling that you need to write a whole article in a very angry tone.

But at least the famous chat show host Larry King has filed for divorce for the seventh time just to return us to our artificial reality! 

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