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When Barack Obama met Steven Seagal
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-14 07:30:18
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US president Barack Obama has warned the world leaders of an increasing danger of a nuclear terrorist attack and I’m wandering where he was when they made all these films back in eighties and nineties and if he knows Steven Seagal! Mr. President Steven Seagal has made a career with films that hold this kind of scenarios, not to forget the Californian governor.

And by the way, Mr. President the scenario is old, the end of the USSR, the Russian mafia all the way from Siberia to Middle East or Afghanistan, depends who stars the film! But behind all that there is another truth which is more important I’m afraid from the evolution of terrorism and hints of this danger have come again from Hollywood films. It is the cooperation between revolutionaries with common criminality and as a result the contemporary terrorism. From Arafat’s hits back in seventies to Bin Laden the last decade there is a huge distance in many ways and the responsibility touches a lot of angles.

Back in seventies these revolutionaries however raw or murderous they had been they did all they did with what they could and in a very weird way many times they managed to attract some kind of sympathy in their cause from the people. We should never forget that the airplane highjacks it was what made the world more aware to what is going on in the Middle East that period. Of course the operation Entebbe was the bitter end of that era but that same period the revolution and independence movements started cooperating with the international criminal network buying weapons and more sophisticated arms and electronic devises.

The exchange was pretty clear, first of all most of those organizations had money, a lot of money and the more difficult it became for those organizations to find materials the more money they were willing to give and criminals have no country or altruistic reserves to hold them of selling those materials in a good price. Then it was the network, the terrorists had better international networks that could be used both ways as the contras proved with a little help from CIA.

Gradually especially after the fall of the wall and the quantity of materials that filled the market most of the criminal organizations like the Russian mafia started having close ties with terrorist organizations and they became the basic providers. And again we should never forget that states trained most of those terrorists in their beginnings. The Russians did their due in Africa and south Asia while Americans worked in South America and east with Bin Laden the best example. Bin Laden and his companions who later became Al-Qaeda were trained in contemporary weaponry and guerrilla tactics from the CIA. Most of the African terrorist has done their masters in Libya or Iran in the name of …freedom and independence.

No it’s coming to something that might sound too liberal for the ears of the Americans, control in the banks. Somehow everything starts and ends there. Money is the necessary rod for all of them. When the Italian authorities arrested and resolved the Red Brigades what they found in banks and economic institutions was unbelievable and at the moment by trying to find out the money traffic Al-Qaeda is controlling has become as a shock to a lot of them. And yes the American and allies have managed to control some of those accounts but according to them these accounts represent only a small percent of the whole money trafficking that leads to this organization.

Sadly it is the Hollywood that has talked about it first again and Steven Seagal was the man to save the day. Perhaps the time has come for Barack Obama to meet Steven Seagal!

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