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How bizarre
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-05 09:10:59
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Filipino tycoon quits over plagiarism

bizzare01_04A prominent Philippine businessman has resigned from a prestigious academic post after he was found to have made a speech plagiarising well-known figures. Manuel Pangilinan quit after admitting he had borrowed from US President Barack Obama, TV host Oprah Winfrey and children's author JK Rowling. He stepped down after it was revealed on the Facebook website that his address to students was not original.

Mr Pangilinan had in the past spoken up for ethics and morality.  He said he decided to step down as chairman of the board of trustees of Ateneo de Manila University in the capital, Manila, to spare the university any criticism. In a statement published on the university website, Mr Pangilinan said he was embarrassed by the speech he made at the university last month.

He said he had had some help in drafting his remarks, but took full responsibility for them.  "I have been told last night that portions of my graduation remarks - in particular my address to the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences - had been borrowed from certain other graduation speeches.  "I had taken a look at the side-by-side comparison on Facebook, and must admit to this mistake."


Property tycoon gave escort girl £60k to start new life

She was a stunning £350-an-hour escort and stripper. He was a handsome high-flying millionaire who fell in love with her. So far, so similar to the script of hit 1990 chick-flick Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. But when property developer Robert Brot fell for stunning redhead call girl Lindsey DeLeon there was no happy-ever after Cinderella-style ending.

bizzare02_400_02Just like Gere, Robert, 57, wanted to be a Prince Charming and save the hazel eyed beauty he'd met on a dating website from a life of prostitution with seedy men. He set her up in a luxurious home and paid for her to go back to college. But after giving her £60,000 to start a new life away from stripping and prostitution, he says she ran off with the money and returned to her old ways. And Robert is now suing her to return the £60,000 after discovering she was engaged to another man when he was planning their wedding. It is a real-life Pretty Conwoman saga which is gripping America.

"He's got a really big heart, and he intended to help rescue her," says his lawyer, Andrew Miltenberg. "He fell in love with a woman, and thought he was helping her turn her life around. But she had other ideas for him and his money." But 26-year-old Lindsey, who advertises herself as having "natural 32DDD boobs and legs that go on forever," denies swindling her knight in shining armour. She alleges that Robert was more pimp than knight in shining armour and that HE encouraged her to do escort work - a claim he denies.

"He got me into it," she says. "He told me 'I'm going to show you the high life. I'm going to show you how to live.' And he did." She claims he wrote her erotic online adverts and suggested she have cosmetic surgery to improve her looks. She says she got so depressed by her escort work that she tried to commit suicide before ending their engagement. "When I told him, 'I am absolutely not marrying you,' he said 'OK, too bad.' Within an hour, he shut off my bank account and kicked me out of the house," she alleges. The sensational case is now set to play out in a New York courtroom as Robert fights to get back the money he says he handed over on false pretences.


Six-year-old twins caught smuggling cocaine in underwear

A mother and her two six-year-old twins were found with cocaine stuffed down their underwear as they tried to board a bizzare03_400_02plane bound for London, Nigerian police said Saturday. A spokesman for Nigeria's Drug Law Enforcement Agency said the woman and her husband were arrested after the find.

"Although the man was not found with any drugs, his wife and two children, who are twins aged six years, were found with cocaine hidden in their underwear," the spokesman said. The woman was carrying more than 3kg of cocaine while her children carried a total of around 700 grams, he said. Narcotics agents detained the family as they were about to board a London-bound jet at Lagos's Murtala Mohammed International airport on March 28.

"We have released the twins to other family members because they are minors and innocent while their parents will soon be taken to court for drug trafficking," the spokesman said.

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