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Bottled Up
by The Ovi Team
2010-04-05 09:11:12
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bottled_up Poetry has been from the very beginning part of Ovi magazine’s character and we gave plenty of room to poets to express themselves even experiment in rhymes and verses.

While most of the publication printed or online are very comfortable with all kinds of literature, especially short stories most of them feel uncomfortable in the tsunami of feelings a poem can give. So we felt that it was unfair not to have a poetry addition in our bookshop. David Barger’s poems collection is the first but there are more to come and soon.

David has been one of the first to contribute poetry for Ovi magazine – Jan Sand was the first – and I have to admit that I have enjoyed his poems, his sensitivity and in a very surreal way his sometimes cynicism that comes from his verses. A few years ago talking with a very close friend and known poet he said that poets speak an international language and it doesn’t matter what language they use to write what comes out is understandable from everybody, because is talking to the heart and soul.

As I said, David Barger is the first and there are more poems to follow so please visit the Ovi Bookshop and download David Barger’s “Bottled UP”

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David Barger2010-04-05 15:25:39
It has been a year ago this very month in which I sent my first poems to Ovi Magazine and what a change has occured since with many opportunities pertaining with my poetry. In the Untied Stated April is the month dedicated for poetry, so having my very first poetry book come out in April is indeed a real treat! My deepest appreciation and thanks go out to Thanos, Asa, and the entire Ovi team for all that can be summed up as piecing together a part of my dream with writing. I feel as though the floodgates of heaven are ready to open and what great things will come from all of this, and again thank you - Ovi and all the readers!!

Alan2010-04-05 18:09:13

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