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The evolution of a Karzai
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-03 09:50:05
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I admit that I had to check it again and I became more confident to what I was reading after I checked it with a few different news agencies. The Afghani president Hamid Karzai accused UN and EU officials of plotting to put puppet government in power, boycotting him and been responsible for a fraud during the elections last year. The reason I checked it again and again is because it appeared on the news on April first and it looked like a really bad April fools joke!

Obviously Hamid Karzai is going to be another bright addition in the pantheon of leaders that have been elected in the name of their nation’s unity and for the good of the people and proven opportunist that work for their own benefit and their own agenda ignoring the …national unity and the good of the people. And unfortunately we have plenty of examples the last decades; we should never forget that Saddam Hussein was one of them. The problem with all these cases is that the powers that placed them there couldn’t be bother to finish the job and let them become a national nightmare. To read the accusation the Afghanis president released on Thursday is like a joke and the best part of it is that instead of him having to do something since he has obviously screwed up the rest of the world has to prove that they are innocent to his accusation. In the meantime the only ones who have a party are the Taleban.

What happened in the last elections in Afghanistan is not clear and I don’t think it will ever be clear for anybody including Karzai. Elections in Afghanistan have nothing to do with elections in a western country and how we imagine elections to be. In some cases people voted with the protection of armed soldiers and in many others people didn’t dare to go and vote. That there was something wrong that led the responsible committee to reject over one million votes is a sign that the fraud was much wider and deeper to what came out and Karzai has the mechanism in the country to do that despite the fact that most of these million votes were supporters of his.

What I really loved more was that the American ambassador in Afghanistan and representatives of the EU visited the Afghani president asking him to clarify what he meant with those accusations. Let me see, what Mugabe said about the British forgetting that he owe them whatever he is today, what Saddam said about the Americans who made him what he was and the list goes on and on. In the end Karzai will present him self as the liberator of the Afghani people from the American and European invaders! And all ends up to exactly the same thing, first help them to find freedom and democracy and then instead of helping them to build a nation leaving them alone to short out their problems employing the first who’s willing to do the dirty job. And Karzai in the beginning was a very good employee doing everything by the book until he realized that the powers are not so powerful and their money are not endless and most of all that they had enough and another problem was rising somewhere else and they didn’t have time for him anymore. So they let him alone. This is the part where the Taleban are getting stronger; returning to power and this is the part the leader decided that he doesn’t want to lose the comforts that come with the position.

Amazingly Karzai had always had the support of the west. Who knows anything about his opposition what they represent and who they are, BBC often turns his best promoter with program after special report about him and he has been interviewed and profiled from the British channel more times than Gordon Brown. So at them moment we are waiting to see if Karzai will evolutes to another Saddam and ironically justify the Taleban!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-04-03 22:39:33
Much food for thought here. How does the expression go? To bite the hands that feeds you. But before that kind of ingratitude can appear there is another condition that has to obtain first: the taking for granted of the generosity of one's benefactor.

Anastasios2010-04-04 17:35:04
I so vividly recall the introduction of this scoundrel karzai by the US media as a man who dressed oh so well, not to mention the eloquence and unique aura he surrounded himself with. Why do we always fall for an idiot, a character who just verbalizes the right words is something beyond me! What is wrong with America's intel sources?

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