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Why Medicare and Medicaid Cuts?
by Leah Sellers
2010-03-23 07:22:56
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El Supremo Rancid-o Limberger, Sir! You keep shouting out to all of your Radio Airwave Listeners about Medicaid and Medicare cuts. You continue to stir up the Fear Monger Stew Pot for the elderly and disabled concerning these proposed Medicaid and Medicare cuts. That all Americans will be losing Services due to Medicare and Medicaid cuts. Once again you Prevaricate and Distract the Public Eye from some basic (and shameful) Truths. 

Sir, Medicare and Medicaid costs need to be regulated - need to be cut.

Why? The ever lingering and seemingly everlasting Social Dis-eases of Rampant Corporate Greed and Hubris!
Here’s just one little bitty example (out of a multitude) which explains it all.

A popular Healthcare Company in the state of Texas (just one of many nationally) overcharges Medicaid and Medicare for almost all of its services on a consistent basis, without batting an eye.

One of their Healthcare Person’s, who spends 15 to 20 minutes making sure an aged client (they don’t call them patients, anymore) takes the right and properly prescribed medications correctly at specific times of the day earns $10.00 hourly. What’s the unethical catch? The client, Medicaid and/or Medicare are charged $120.00 for that 15 to 20 minute visit.

The actual Caregiver, who manages the medications makes $10.00 for their expertise and efforts for their homecare client. The popular Healthcare Corporation makes $110.00 for its coffers from Medicare and/or Medicaid. What an overcharge! Just one of many overcharges by this Healthcare Company and many other Medical Institutions within Texas and all over the United States of America.

Plus, the Healthcare Worker doing all of the work, and using their gas money and vehicle to get to the client’s home, is minimized, while the Corporation is maximized.

Corporate Greed and Hubris!

This is just a small (itty-bitty) example of the daily Corporate abuses and misuses of the Medicare and Medicaid programs that All Americans pay into annually.

President Obama and his supporters are right (and left and centrally) on the money in creating regulations and cost cuts throughout Medicare, Medicaid, and all other Healthcare systems throughout the United States, Sir.

It’s Time to pull the reins in tight on the Malevolent Capitalism in this country. Time to allow Fairness and Just Equity to saddle up, and ride this unruly, unethical, and undisciplined Bronco into the corral for a ‘Sunday meetin’ of the Minds’, and ‘Dust raisin’ Work-it-out’!

What has happened to the Idea of a Fair Wage for a Fair Day’s (or 15 to 20 minutes) Work? When did ‘Stickin’ it to the little guy’ mentality become the norm?

We're all living in a delusional Economic Bubble of our own making, El Supremo Rancid-o! It’s time to pop the Bubble. Clean up, Chin up and Deal with the fall out and bring Our economy back down to Earth for Everyone - every Body, Mind and Soul, Sir. His Right Radio Highness included.

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Emanuel Paparella2010-03-23 13:02:00

Indeed, the above link further explores this “modern” phenomenon of the broken society based on corporate greed. In an article by the same title David Brooks examines in The New York Times (March 18) the acute analysis of the British writer Phillip Blond on what ails our modern “enlightened” democratic societies concluding that they are not so enlightened as surmised and neither are they very democratic despite their democratic forms. Let the readers judge for themselves.

Leah Sellers2010-03-30 17:38:54
Hello Brother emanuel,
Thank you, for this information. I look forward to locaating and reading this book.
That's one of the things I admire most about most Teachers, they know the importance of expanding upon pieces of knowledge and insight, and normally will always add more Food for Thought consumption to the Pot.

Bethany Reynolds2010-10-29 04:28:19
Leah Sellers, of Emerald Eyes? Remember me? Bethany Reynolds

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