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The Great Elitist Prevaricator
by Leah Sellers
2010-03-21 08:01:59
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El Supremo Rancid-o Limberger. Slice per slice, you’re a tasty piece for (and of) mice and men.

Squeak per squeak, on the Airwaves you speak the Elitist propaganda and end each prevarication with - In Malevolent Capitalism We Trust - Amen!

What a Spinster, Sir! What a twisted, topsy-turvy Spin (and Web) you weave, spit out and bellow!

Malevolent Capitalism and Manipulative Elitist Speak made palatable and believable by such a puffed up fellow.

You are the Self and Other proclaimed tyrannical Leader, Shaker and Mover of Con-servative America (or so you, and your Leaping Lemmings humbly declare). But what are you actually Con-serving, Sir? The runaway Malevolent Capitalistic Rights (and Wrongs) of the overgrown, greedy Insurance Corporations (and other Entities of the Elitist Few)? Is your Right-eous judgment never askew?

You say the Healthcare Bill is an “assault on the Constitution”! You say, “it’s lawless, it’s dodgy, it’s un-American to make the Healthcare Bill lawful” for every American Citizen to be able to afford and receive just and decent Healthcare.

Sir, do you not know that it is an American’s Constitutional Right (and Left) to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness (whatever those Ideals and States of Being might mean to each and every individual American)?

You frequently call President Obama a Liar. That he’s not actually in support of the Healthcare Bill. While on the other hand (or side of your mouth) you declare that he has thrown his political career upon the Rancid Limberger, Mad Tea Party Secessionists, Con-servative, Republican Bonfire of Opposition. Which is it, Sir?

From the beginning of his presidential run and election you have suggested and joked that Barak Obama would not make a fit Leader because of his Muslim/Christian roots. And now you vilify him as the Third World President “who is willing to destroy his own country” (by supporting and standing by the Affordable Healthcare Bill) “to save face like the dictators Chavez, Castro….

Way to go El Supremo Rancid-o! Once again, you cast your Fear based Spin! What a psychological ploy to punch the buttons of Americans doubts and con-cerns toward the Muslim World (since 9/11). And simultaneously baptize (or try to drown) President Obama within the tumultuous depths of those very troubled (and troubling) Waters.

Sir, you are a Grade A Fear Monger! A widely listened to Megaphone and Hornblaster for the Elitist Few! No wonder, your Con-servative bank account is on the rise!

Do you happen to own or have stock in any of the Insurance Corporations, pharmaceutical or other gluttonous Medical Institutions or Corporate Entities fighting (tooth and nail) the Bill for fair and equitable healthcare for all Americans? Just a query, Sir. I’m certain that your practices of Malevolent Capitalism are Con-sistent with your Con-servative Spin. After all, it’s just one of your many tenets written in soap stone for your adoring Flock to adhere to and follow.

As for your overt demonizing of President Obama, and your spending almost every moment of your daily programs running his character, his ideologies and policies down the Swampy River of Ridicule and Murky Disgust. What an El Supremo Rancid-o stroke of misCon-struction that is, Sir! Kudos!
Your calling the President of the United States “stupid” and “reckless”, while many others applaud and discuss his calm, pragmatic intelligence is another ingenious (or is that ingenuous) Side-stepping maneuver of psychological and emotional distraction, Sir!

Double Kudos!!

You, El Supremo Rancid-o Limberger, are a Master of Double-Speak. You have a mind boggling knack for Speaking with a Forked Tongue. What a Gift of Rift! You are the epitome of a Carnival side-show Pitch Man and Prevaricator. “Step right up, folks! I’ve got the Pitch that will scratch your every Malevolently Capitalistic Itch!”

El Supremo Rancid-o, it is an experience, Sir, to bask in your Overbearing Light and the Malevolent Capitalistic Doctrine you Spin-Spit out for America’s future. Your Leaping Lemmings bow and jump to your every word and discriminatory leaning. And hang onto your preferential Elitist dialogue (although your program is really primarily a Monologue of monolithic proportions) with zealous enthusiasm.

For example, when you called (what you called) the upcoming Fairness Doctrine for the Internet, in which all sides will be brought to bear and represented on all topics and/or subjects equitably and fairly, a trick being created “to limit information“. That We the People should be "suspicious of the President's efforts" to more broadly and fairly educate Folks And said that the Obama presidency was “in bed with Google”. How absurdly misleading of you, Sir. A brilliant move of Ideological Manipulation and Mis-speak. The Leaping Lemmings bow to your audacious Forked-Tonguedness! Your venom filled Fangedness! Hissss!

When you declared that the obesity problem in the U.S. is due to food stamps - free food, alcohol and cigarettes (booze and smokes which most folks know are illegal to buy with food stamps) being eaten, drunk and puffed upon by the undeserving poor and minorities who are not paying their way. When you said that 10% of Americans are pulling the other 90%, and that We, as Americans, don’t have any money to spend on Them (the 90%) or anything else for that matter. Some folks thought that they were listening to an unrehearsed comedy routine. Well done, Sir! You fooled us all! By the way what qualified researcher gave you those population percentages? Were those percentages just numbers you drew from thin (over inflated) air?

Also, El Supremo Rancid-o, why do you always combine the words “poor and minorities” together, Sir? Are you saying that poverty and race always go hand-in-hand in America (and the rest of the World)? Is that what you are insinuating? Is that what you are preaching and teaching, Sir?
You were especially amusing when you asked your listening audience, “does anyone listening to Obama’s Healthcare tour speeches right now have a job? That was prejudicial hilarity at its Leaping Lemming best.

When you declared President Obama to be a narcissist, and told your Listening Audience that he only loves himself, and doesn’t care about what others think about him. And then followed that statement by declaring former President Clinton to be a sociopath who spent all of his time trying to get everyone to love him. Both of those definitions fit you, Sir. Does that make you a multiple personality, El Supremo Rancid-o? What’s it like having to go through each and every day as a Narcissistic-Sociopath? Split personality. Forked Tongue. Double Kudos, Sir!!

However, if President Obama is a narcissist, as you proclaim, and you constantly choose to compare him to other known world leaders you also claim are dictatorial narcissists (Castro, Chavez, etc…) who you say were “all rebels who destroyed their countries in order to make themselves look good”. Does that mean that if you, El Supremo Rancid-o, had been born a few years earlier (which probably would have made you an American Revolutionary Con-servative Tory) that you would also have vilified and demonized Samuel Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, etc… as narcissistic, sociopathic miscreants who destroyed their Country in order to make Themselves look good?

They, too, were social rebels, Sir. And if These brilliant, daring, innovative and courageous American Revolutionaries and Leaders had lost their fight for Independence, They would have been considered treasonous criminals. And what would America have become without Their (and many other Revolutionary rebels) efforts and sacrifices? Were all of these Great American Heroes narcissists? Sociopaths? Perhaps, King George and some of his supporters (American Tories) thought so. Just food for thought, Sir, (no food stamps required).

As for the Healthcare Bill, El Supremo Rancid-o. Yes, you have made it imperfectly clear that you (and your Elitist Few cohorts and Con-servative Leaping Lemmings) don’t like it or the legislative process seeking to pass the Bill. You have declared yourself, the Insurance Corporations (and all of the other corporations and banks they either own or have a stronghold on), and the Elitist Few to be the Status Quo. And that you and your cronies and Leaping Limberger Lemmings don’t intend to let your Control go! You have exerted a lot of Time and Hot Air to dis-ease and kill the Healthcare Bill.
Sir! If you please, there are others of Us (Non-Leaping Lemmings) who will continue to resist your Prevarications - your out-Right Lies. We will continue to march toward the Balancing of Right and Left Accord - not your strident Dis-cord.

In the meantime, for humorous consumption only, will someone pass the El Supremo Rancid-o Limberger Cheese, please? And, above all, don't forget to Pass the much needed and appreciated Affordable for All Healthcare Bill as well, Indeed!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-03-21 08:35:33
Indeed, the great prevaricator is the trickling down to the least common denominator of humanity of a tendency in Western philosophy to wrap oneself around with the absolute Truth (with a capital t) and then consider any dissenters as so much vermin worthy of contempt and extermination. The tendency is found on both extremes of the political spectrum and its most salient symptoms are fanaticism, intolerance, and selfishness.

Leah Sellers2010-03-30 17:34:27
Hello Brother Emanuel,
Well analyzed, sir. And succinctly encapsulated.
Thank heavens for the ability to see these things and laugh at Ourselves.
The endorphines of Laughter are terrific little psychological and physiological Balancers - ha !

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