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Funding a conflict
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-03-16 08:21:32
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You often see American Jew comedians blaming their heritage for their self-destructive character and when it is said in a comedy series it makes you laugh but when it comes from a state makes you wander if there is really something going on with the genes. The last twenty years the ones who have really boycotted any peace effect in Middle East are the Israelis and that the most critical time the weirdest way.

When everybody has taken photos with Palestinians and Israelis sitting at last together and actually talking the Israeli tanks invade the Gaza, when the whole world has said enough and everybody is forcing them to find a solution the Israeli state lets more settlers to move inside the Gaza strip and every time is the same story from the beginning with the Palestinians demanding an end to the occupation, to the settlers movement and every time the Israelis answer the same, this is it and if you like it. In the meantime Bin Ladens of this world have excuses for their destructive work and Bushes their excuse for their preaching and invasions. The rest of us grow up tired of the whole thing and even though once we wished peace for the people of the Middle East nowadays we wish them to be quiet for a little!

I’m not joking, I far from my prime and all my life the problem that one way or another has centred the news has been the Middle East and the Israeli Palestinian issue. The same time it is hundreds if not thousands the people who have lost their lives and we are talking about men and women of any age. From babies to old men and women; and what makes it worst is the feeling that their lost is wasted. Is like nobody gives a damn and the only they care about is who has the most dead, the numbers!

And since we are talking about numbers, numbers it is the part I never understood about this conflict. The whole world is suffering from the recession, the south members of the EU are talking about bankrupts and Israel with Palestine are still going on. And yes the Palestinian people are suffering with over 80% unemployment and incredible inflation and everything else a war brings but Israel is not exactly the financial paradise. Is not exactly the place where international investment companies will go running and I don’t know many who will happily invest into the Israeli stock market. And yes the settlers keep building so there is a growth in construction companies but would you risk a construction company knowing that your construction might explode in the next couple of months or that you will find your car with natural air-condition from thousands of bullets? So how does this thing works?

The Palestinians are in poverty and Israel is not exactly paradise, so who funds them. Who funds all this fancy weaponry, all this modern armour and who the hell funds this war? And please don’t tell me that everything is volunteer, there will never be a bigger lie, history and even modern history has proven that war is a very expensive sport. So who’s paying the bills? Suspicions plenty, conspiracy theories even more. The Americans, Saudi princes, private funds, it’s all there! And if you have any doubts on how things like that work remember the American involvement in North Ireland and if that hadn’t stopped sometime in the mid-eighties how long this story would have continue. Again in that case nobody knew the secret everybody knew and when at last somebody decided that it was enough and there was no reason for this conflict to continue what remained was some fanatics stack in the corner.

Barrack Obama is going to be another American president the last 50 years who will try to do something about this conflict. At least this time some people around him including Mrs. Clinton have said enough to some things, he can say enough as well and do exactly the same that Clinton did with the Irish faucet, turn it off and demand from the Saudis to do the same. Then both sides will find the way to the negotiations without needing anybody to lead them there. But who has the will and the power to do so? Because you see these funds hind behind them also a lot of power, enough power that can be critical in a re-election!

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