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Religious or ethnic the Nigerian murder
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-03-09 07:42:07
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The headline is very clear as clear is the blood in the streets of the city Jos in the Nigerian south. More than 200 dead after a machete-wielding Muslim group attacked the Christian community. The police is reporting that this is not the final number since they are still recovering bodies from all around the area. Unofficial sources put the number of dead somewhere around 500 and the number of injured to unknown.

But it was not only the religion that attracted the machetes but the people that live in that area are mainly part of an ethnic minority the Berom an ethnic group that is mainly Christian and the attacking force were mainly Hausa-Fulani another ethnic group mainly Muslims. And according to the officials this was not the first time.

Back in the eighties I think it was when we first encounter with the idea of the religion conflicts and it was in nineties when the first essays centred the talk about an upcoming world war that would have religion in its centre. And is building up especially with a little help from Bin Laden and the rest of the fanatics including the Iranian Ayatollahs and their puppets and of course not excluding the fanatics from the other side.

At the moment here in Europe and in US things seem quieter, or at least more political correct. It’s not them but it is the radicals among them. Still it is always them and it is us. Is not the Koran but it is the misled ones who use the Koran as an excuse. But was it just the excuse in Nigeria? I mean what led these people to slaughter humans using machetes. That shows pure hate and disturbing joy. These humans felt excused to take other human lives using the most barbaric way. So what is next?

Is the Nigerian government arresting …what? Ten, twenty, one hundred people and the problem is over? Is it the same over in Sudan or in Afghanistan? What about Egypt? There are conflicts between Christians and Muslims in Egypt, in Morocco, in Algeria, countries that their economy depends in great part from their Christian visitors. Then check the Middle East and the Arabian Golf where in the majority practising Christianity is illegal, actually practising anything else except Islam is illegal.

But Muslims don’t have any better time in the west either. Remember what happened a couple of months ago with the minarets in Switzerland and the talk about mosques all around Europe. Fine, the media are political correct …at least they try to be but what about the people in the streets? Some of the comments you hear in the streets of London, Paris or Berlin have definitely crossed the limits of prejudice and racism.

If USA didn’t need so desperately Saudi Arabia and the oil does anybody believe that George W. Bush and his enlightened administration would try so hard to behave in what they say and how they say it? Don’t we all know what they think when the lights of the cameras turn off?

The officials in Nigeria are talking for 200 dead and still counting, the unofficial sources talk for over 500 dead and still counting. Who armed these men with all this hate and the machetes? Does anybody in the sixth bigger Muslim country in the world cares to find? Why the president of the United States needed to prove how good Christian he is before elected and why and was it an ethnic issue or religion? Was it …it just happened to be in different religions or was it because they were in different religions?

When the terrorists hit that holyday place in Indonesia e couple of years ago with all these Australian tourists as victims there was an arrest and a court case but was the hitman the man who started it or the untouchable religious fanatic everybody suspected who armed the hand of the hitman? And whose stopping al those fanatics covered with religion that start wars? The American television is full of the preaching an apocalyptic future preachers. Religious lobbies are behind extremists; don’t forget that even the members of KKK are proud Christians.

And while the international community is negotiating the latest bonus of the bankers, blood continues painting the streets of Nigeria. By the way what will be the answer or the next move? Afraid a revenge the Muslim Hausa-Fulani will continue slaughtering the Christian Berom or the Berom will decide that it is their turn to answer? And since we are in this question game what will happen in the South Sudan with the North and the woman in the Saudi prison who’s tortured daily because she dared become Christian? And yes here in the west we are political correct but these short of news are more often coming.

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A-Gonzaga2010-03-15 13:55:48
As a Nigerian, let me add:

First, Jos is in the middle of Nigeria, not in the South – as this article hinted.

On the use of machetes. I suppose people use what they have. Grenades and AKs by those who make or can afford it; machetes by those who couldn’t afford the modern arms. Stones were used in the Bible days.

And as for the reasons, the colonizers who divided Africa should take the top blame. European boundaries were drawn by Europeans themselves; Africa’s case is the opposite. Having the same skin colour isn’t enough to force two different communities to share a land and identify.

And let me conclude with Uzor Maxim Uzoatu's poem to Bridget O'Connor: —We forge an impossible nation. An amalgamation bereft of imagination. We lay waste crude inspiration, and dredge up gassy restoration: our vision bedims all creation—

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