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The Cycle of Internal Combustion and Terrorism
by Leah Sellers
2010-02-26 07:34:41
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Every Living creature has the Energetic capacity to Internally Combust.
Apply the right (or adverse) amount of pressure to any creature - any thing, and it can or will fracture, splinter, implode (and possibly explode) into a period of Energetic violence and Chaos.

Joe Stack.  A Decent man. A Nice man by all accounts from his neighbors and friends.  I know that my sisters and I thought Joe to be so when he smilingly introduced himself to us as ‘the bass player’ at a party/jamboree we were performing at four years ago in Austin, Texas.  I remember thinking then.  He’s a Nice Joe.  An intelligent, likable computer geek who had a gift for giving the bass guitar some hot licks.  He appreciated Music, and enjoyed making Music with Others.
Joe Stack.  The Decent Man.  The Nice Guy computer geek, bass player Internally (and externally) Combusted on 2/19/2010.  Joe deliberately, literally and symbolically flew his small airplane into the side of a Dark Looking Glass building housing the Internal Revenue Service and its Workers in Austin, Texas.  And incinerated into a Fireball.
His Goal ?  To make a Statement to the outside World that would strike a Chord within the American (and Hopefully, Global) Psyche.  A good Bass Player striking his last Chord in Life.  A Vibration of Discontent to shake, rattle and roll the Souls of Humankind.  A Discordant Eulogy.  A Fiery Swan’s Song.
So angry - so full of Rage was Joe at the Injustices he felt were brought down upon him by the primarily brutalizing, uncaring and inhumane Bureaucratic/Corporate System (the IRS - just one of many similar Bureaucratic/Corporate Systems) that he set fire to his House (leaving his Wife and Daughter homeless), and rammed his Soul felt Rage - his Internal Combustion right down the throats of the IRS, the state of Texas, and Washington D.C..  Instead of spitting, Joe exploded right into the posturing, arrogant, unrelenting Faces of the Internal Revenue Service and the legislative, judicial, business and banking scoundrels and money-changers who daily skirt their way around the very penalties inescapably heaped upon Joe.  The Decent Man.  The Nice Guy.
“Take my Rage and shove it”, appears to be Joe’s answer to years of considered abuses and misuses of his Life’s precious Resources and Time.  His disgust and Rage toward Status Quo policies in America (and around the World) which tell Average Citizens (Joe’s and Jane’s) in America (and  around the World) that they are not allowed to play by the same cheating, underhanded Rules (or get the same Breaks in Life) as the Big Guys.  That Average Joe’s and Jane’s Live and Breathe to carry out the Rules (which daily suborn and enslave them) laid down and enforced by the Big Guys.  That Average Joe’s and Jane’s are to Do as They Say and not as They (the Big Guys) Do.
Joe was right.  He’s certainly got People talking.  Acts of Terrorism always have a tendency to stir up the ant hill.  But Joe was wrong to kill other Precious Souls - to make Them an unwilling and unwitting part of his blazing Point in order to give his Fiery Statement greater magnitude, severity and clarity.  It is perversely unsatisfactory to know that the more bestial side of Human Nature expects and requires the age old legacy of murderous Sacrifice to give poignancy to Symbolic (and highly Personalized) Statements of Truth such as Joe’s.  Without his Act of Terrorism would the newspaper headlines and boob tube news coverage have been as great - as prolonged ? The Reverberation of Discontent as Resonate ?
One is given pause to Wonder - when Joe drew his last Breath was his final taste for vengeance and retribution bitter or sweet ?  Was his Rage filled Need to be Heard - to be Justified and Free of the haranguing Monster IRS - to be released from the ‘Broken Systems’ We all continue to suffer Satisfied? 
Oh, those Faces of Terrorism.  You See ‘em wherever you go.  All of those Internally Combusted Jane’s and Joe’s with too much Stacked against Them.  Too much not Goin’ or Comin’ Their Way.  Lookin’ for a Way out.  Lookin’ for a Brighter Day.
In the meantime, the Living will continue to gossip, twitter, tweet and surmise about Joe’s Internal Combustion.  His wreaking momentary Terror upon the Entity that he felt Terrorized him for years.  Time is, after all, Relative.  In the meantime,  People will continue to mourn their dead - their Loved Ones, and wonder and rail at their seemingly incomprehensible Loss.
But losing Joe Stack and his Victims was a Loss for Us All.  A Decent Man.  Decent Men and Women like him.  A Nice Guy.  Nice Guys and Gals like him.  All driven to Internal Combustion - to Rage filled Terrorism by Unhealthy Systems around the World We all know need Fixing.
Maintaining the Broken Status Quo is what annihilated Joe (and those average, every day folks like him).  Losing Hope that he could make a difference - that he could Change things for the Better - is part of what led Joe to Rage filled murder and the Fiery desecration of other Human Lives.
Whether it be 2/18 or 9/11 We need to shake off the blinders of denial and Realize that All Living Creatures - All things have the capacity for Internal Combustion.  We Can Choose the old cycles of violent Revolution as We continue to Evolve.  Or We can Evolve toward new Cycles of Peaceful Revolution/Evolution.  The Choices are Ours.
 We can Choose to Change - Choose to do things more Humanely - Differently - Innovatively.  And not just settle for Being someone else’s Cipher.  Someone else’s fodder.  We can Choose to Walk toward Enlightened Action and Create another New World filled with better Ways of accomplishing things and Living our Lives more fully, justly and completely.
The History of the World - the History of Humanity is filled with Revolutionary Evolutions.  Filled with examples of Societal and Ideological Changes and Evolutionary growth spurts.
How many more Societal barometers and indicators like the Joe’s (and Jane’s) - Decent Men (and Women) Nationally and Globally will We have to lose ?  How many Last Discordant Life Notes or Fiery Swan Songs will We be forced to endure in order to shift (shake, rattle and roll) all of World’s Consciousness’ into Change ? Enlightened, Peaceful, Creative Discourse and Problem-Solving Action toward Change ?
Change is Hard.  Change is disruptive for Everyone involved (and uninvolved).  Change demands the Disciplines of Sacrifice and Service from Everyone and for Everyone.  We can Peacefully (and not violently) Choose to Create new Systems to govern and organize our Lives within.  We can Choose to convert the destructive Energy of Internal Combustion into constructive Prolific Regeneration of a New Age of Humankind !
Rather than merely Focusing our Attentions and Intentions upon Joe’s Fiery primitive and cyclical Dissonant Note of Discord (of Internal Combustion and destructive Terrorism), perhaps instead, We should Choose to Give Birth and Credence to a Revolutionary-Evolutionary Harmonic Symphony of Universal Accord !
Every Great Masterpiece begins with a Single Note - a Single reverberation of Will and Intention.  Shall we Begin ?

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