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Pottery Pottery
by Jan Sand
Issue 12
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To make a pot,


One must coerce,


Have commerce with


The mass of clay


In such a way


To gain concentricity


With the wheel.


This requires


An educated feel


For taming predilections


Of the stuff to wander off


In odd directions.


One wets one’s hands


To lubricate with slip,


Permit the surface liberty


To run through the grip


Which confines central bulk


To rise. In direction


Like a penis in erection.


Then, with the hands


Press down the glans


Into a docile cylinder,


Quiescent in its spin


To invite, at its axis,


The finger in,


Not unlike the exploration,


For a sexual sensation,


Of a woman’s navel.


But this pointed pressure


Makes the magic cavity,


Creates the hollow cylinder,


The embryo of the final pot.


Now, with gentle pressure,


Both within and without,


On the thinning wall,


With a care, devout,


It can rise in vertical ascent


And then, flared out,


Or bent in to a tight lip,


Depending on the grip,


In discrete surges,


The form emerges.


Here is where the enterprise


May fail. As the wall


Starts to rise the clay


Can become too wet, over supple,


Responding too easily


To finger pressure


Or gravity’s insistent call


And bulge, and fall.


But if luck and skill


Can be persuaded to conform


To the potter’s will


And the topology of intention


Balances these to perform


And fulfill the mind’s invention,


The process can produce a bowl,


A vase, a coffee mug,


Or, perhaps, a simple jug.

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winsum2006-10-02 10:14:19
that's pretty much the way it is in the beginning . . . .but we get better.

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