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How ...bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-02-25 07:49:30
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Elephant 'secret language' clues

bizzare01_03Researchers at San Diego Zoo have been studying what has been described as the "secret language" of elephants. They have been monitoring communications between animals that cannot be heard by human ears. The elephant's trumpeting call will be familiar to most people, but the animals also emit growls.

Their growls, however, are only partly audible; two-thirds of the call is at frequencies that are too low to be picked up by our hearing. To learn more about the inaudible part of the growl, the team attached a microphone sensitive to these low frequencies and a GPS tracking system to eight of the zoo's female elephants. The researchers could then correlate the noises the animals were making with what they were doing.


bizzare02_02A monastery offers weekend visits

A monastery near Vienna, Austria is offering men the chance to be a monk for a weekend. Franciscans from Maria Enzersdorf, site of a monastery since the 15th Century, are opening their doors as they need recruits.

During the weekend they will have the chance to work and pray with the monks. The Franciscans say they want to provide people with a realistic impression of life as a monk, and are accepting men up to the age of 40.


bizzare03_01Man robs roommate, using beer bottle as weapon

A 68-year-old Allentown man robbed his roommate by threatening him with a beer bottle that he was trying to pass off as a gun, police said. When the ruse proved ineffective, Aaron Ingram then attacked his roommate, Frank Corradi, 51, with the bottle, Assistant Chief Joe Hanna said.

The attack occurred shortly before midnight Saturday at 908 S. Poplar St., Hanna said. Ingram stole his roommate's wallet, money and other personal items before fleeing, Hanna said. An arrest warrant has been issued for Ingram on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.


Dope smoker reports psychedelic hash to police

bizzare04_400_03A man walked into a police station in southern Sweden last week to complain about the quality of the hash that he had been sold, asking for a lump to be tested for traces of LSD. The 26-year-old cannabis connoisseur declared to surprised police officers in the provincial Skåne town of Eslöv that he was not satisfied with the quality of his stash and would like to lodge a complaint, local newspaper Skånskan reports.

The man told officers that his ganja had not delivered the desired effect, leaving him feeling decidedly ill-at-ease and in the midst of a nightmare scenario where his girlfriend resembled a dolphin. The young dope fiend confirmed to police that he was a regular user of hashish. In his ten years of recreational use of the drug, classified as illegal in Sweden since 1930, he had never experienced such a bad trip, he told the police.

The man thus suspects that his hash could have been laced with a psychedelic substance, such as LSD. The man told how that as he sucked on his joint, his television began to talk to him and he came to the realisation that his girlfriend was in fact a dolphin. The whole experience left the man feeling shaken and frightened, the newspaper reports.

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