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Sexuality Duality Sexuality Duality
by Nic Mepham
Issue 12
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The chicken and the egg


The meeting of minds


The need of any nation


The compass of procreation


Confused by this day and age




The condom and the Pill


The Adam and Eve choices


The distractions


The dis-eases


Disoriented and not knowing where to run




The convenience


The meaninglessness


The lust and the lurid


The losers and the unloved


Irresponsibility made responsible




The danger


The attraction


The allure


The love


Irresistibly desired




The temptation


The sensation


The moment


The emotion


All else disappears




The morning after


The euphoria


The guilt


The wedding bells


Rude awakenings




The being social


The chase


The breaking rules


The opposites attract


A climax waiting to happen






Nic 06

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