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Mossad's holidays in Dubai
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-02-18 07:53:04
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And since there wasn’t enough going on around now we found out that if you have a British passport you might as well be double careful because you might wake up one morning and find out that despite the fact you were all weekend ill in bed somebody had done a murder using your name!

I have to admit that reading on the news what happened with the eleven European, mainly British passports and their owners who are blamed to be a murder squad and wanted in Dubai even though they have no idea what is all about; it is like it comes out from one of the paperbacks so popular back in 80s! Bourne's identity the continuation for the ones who remember Robert Ludlum’s bestseller.

And the story with the eleven stories continues just like the book. Mossad, the Israeli secret service organization is the main suspect behind the murder of a Hamas commander in Dubai though the Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman reinsured the world that there is no proof that Mossad carried out the killing – I suppose this is some kind of spy inside joke. The British, the French, the German and the Irish governments promised a serious investigation and eleven Europeans had to cancel their holidays to Dubai!

According the news agencies this is Mossad’s familiar method, to do their dirty works using ‘friendly’ countries’ passports. One more thing in which Robert Ludlum books are right. The only difference is that Ludlum’s hero is American but again in his spy word he finds it so easy to have a variety of European passports.

And since the murder in Dubai has nothing to do with fiction and the action of the murder squad nothing to do with fiction I don’t think we will ever find out the end of this story and the bad guys will never be arrested. The eleven Europeans most likely will get the right telephone call for the good of the country and the international security and some kind of compensation and then …everybody will forget. Worst case scenario some kind of paperback writer will write a spy story inspired from the incident and it might become a Hollywood film all of that somewhere between fiction and reality where nobody knows what is true and what is the fiction.

The same time the Mossads of this world will continue their …humanitarian work is just the next time will be a bit more careful with the faults names they use for their covered operations. By the way I don’t know if anybody remembers but all this time we are talking about a murdered man, and not the spoiled holidays of eleven Europeans. It doesn’t matter who the man was and what his past or present was, he had every right to be justly judged and if found guilty to serve his sentence and not murdered by a squad of assassins.

So despite the fact that the conversation started when the Dubai government started looking for a series of men and women suspected for a crime and found out that the real people behind the names had nothing to do with the murder, there is a dead man in Dubai and there is somebody who commits murders and crimes beyond any legal or ethical excuse. And one more time it is obvious how much we are missing a United Nations organization that could justify its …job description. A UN that would have the power to start a serious investigation without any political and geopolitical agendas and find the truth and most importantly stop organizations of any kind governmental or not to have power of death  or life over the ones who oppose their masters’ agendas. But again this sounds like …fiction!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-02-18 10:38:40
Indeed. Machiavelli is alive and well. What did Mussolini call it? “Ragion di Stato,” or reasons of state, which is to say, morality does not apply to a State. That goes a long way in explaining why many if not most governments have “operations’ squads,” a euphemism for assassinations of political opponents. They are usually justified as “preventive measures” but often they are used for sheer revenge or settling the score. That being the case one cannot seriously expect the same nations at the UN to condemn those operations; they would thereby be condemning their own Machiavellian behavior and would have to dismantle their spy network. Those “operations” will stop when the general hypocrisy stops and nations’ leaders (especially those of democratic countries paying lip service to human rights) begin acknowledging that the ethical behavior of nations is not to be divorced from the ethical behavior of individuals; that a good end does not justify any means and that corrupt means ultimately corrupts the end also. For that to even begin to happen they need to abandon Machiavelli and adopt Marcus Aurelius. The two mind-sets are radically different.

Clint2010-02-18 22:09:57
It's playing out like an episode of Spooks. I have an alibi though as RA said I was with the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that wasn't there!

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