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Mari Hokkanen's photography
by The Ovi Team
2010-02-14 10:49:27
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Ovi magazine is proud to present the work of Mari Hokkanen and invite you to visit her extraordinary exhibition in Motellet, Annankatu 10, from February 4th until March 3rd. And the best way to introduce an artistic work is to let the artist talk for herself.

nsmail_400My exhibition “Folded Stories” is a collection of work about metamorphosis. I like to raise issues about time and reality. With my picture pairs I give a hint of the situation and the possible outcome of it.

Working with long shutter times and multi layers gives me a chance to mix the past and present into the same picture to create more surrealistic experience.

I often create my own metaphors (that are not so clear) to the audience and I expect the audience to do the same.

I want to tell stories that raise questions. Stories that help the audience to reflect their own memories and give meaning to them. I find it interesting how many different interpretations one picture can arise. For me photography is almost like a performance: I search for places that give me strong intuitions, places to create stories. I’m fascinated by the different possibilities that could have had happened (in the place). I mostly use myself as a model.

In photography I use both film and digital format and picture manipulation when needed.

The exhibition is held in Motellet, Annankatu 10, from 4.2.2010 to 3.3.2010






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A2010-02-14 19:00:29
Great work, Mari! :) I wish you all the best for your show!

Thanos2010-02-15 08:14:59
Excellent work!

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