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Life Life
by Theo Versten
Issue 12
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sitting on my desk chair


pants off


cock still erect but beginning to droop


hairy, hairy legs beneath me


and hairy black balls


and am wearing a white undershirt


with fresh cum spots on the bottom of it


and warm cum spots resting on the nest of my black pubic hairs


I’m beginning to feel a chill in the air


and I’m becoming very tired


very, very tired


it’s 2:10 in the morning


time to go to sleep.


spent twenty minutes masturbating


not counting the time toggling my balls while doing Spanish homework.




my progeny are warm and gooey


white blobs on my pubic hair


and white blobs on my t-shirt

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winsum2006-10-02 10:05:34
a gooey concock tion to help concentration.on two things at one a talent a gift be grateful

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