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The Greatest Miracle of All
by Jack Wellman
2010-01-31 10:45:15
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There are miracles that are far greater than the parting the Red Sea (or Reed Sea as some scholars and archaeologists claim), more awesome than making the Sun stand still, more earth shattering than the Walls of Jericho falling. It is the miracle of human conversion. The greatest miracle may be the conversion of one single human soul today. In fact, this may be the greatest miracle of all. And this happens every day.

The former alcoholic, the former drug addict, and the former homeless man…the list is endless. Not only is the miracle taking place on this inside, it is occurring on the outside of the person's life. And the impact will be felt for all eternity.

When I think back on my own life, coming from a broken home, having not even seen a picture of my father, what hope did I ever have? I was dumped by my biological mother. She had several husbands and could not find peace within her own soul. My brothers and I were beaten. We were bruised, battered, humiliated. And when I fled the coup of my aunts, I was mad. Mad at the world and I was ready to pay it back. But I really was only taking it out on myself.

If it could be smoked, I smoked it, if it could be shot up, I did it, if it was drinkable, I drank it. And if it was of value, I stole it. I ended up homeless, impoverished, no family, no money and finally in prison. I was at the end of my own self. No one could have been more down….so the only way I could look was up. A person so far down has only one way to go…and that is up. And up I went. Armed only with my prayers. How could I get out of this mess I made of my life? God is still in the business of miracles. I am a living example of it.

When one sinner comes to faith in Jesus Christ, there is what is called, a renewal of the mind. I needed a renewal alright. But what a powerful testimony, that someone so far down in the depths of a living hell on earth, could be lifted up so high to heaven is remarkable. Human conversion fights through spiritual warfare that is stronger than the forces of gravity. In creation, only physical matter was created and organized. In spiritual birth, the human, carnal natural takes on the nature of a God-man: Jesus Christ. What is the greatest miracle of all? It is, I believe, that God would accept us through Jesus’ atoning sacrifice and then the human, stony heart is made liken unto God Himself.

Yes, miracles still happen today, in fact I am the result of one. That a former, carnal sinner like me is made righteous by God is the greatest miracle of all.

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