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America: Melting Pot, Smelting Pot, Pressure Cooker, Too!
by Leah Sellers
2010-01-26 09:35:01
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Yes! Truth Be Told, America is a Living dynamically static and statically dynamic Social and Ideological grand and Great Experiment! Magnificent in Her audacious audacity! Yes! Truth Be Told, America is a Melting Pot, Smelting Pot, and Pressure Cooker, too. A simmering, chunky, hodgepodge of a Stew. Filled with tastes (and wastes), flavors (bitter and sweet), smells (fragrant and malodorous) and textures (silkily smooth and jaggedly rough) of all shapes and sizes, and varying sensory and psychological expectations and surprises. Yes! Truth Be Told, historically Democratic Republic governments tend to corrode and implode upon themselves after their 200th birthdays.

However - what if America’s Time upon the global history line is different? What if Americans converge in Mind, Intentions and Actions, and decide to beat the odds? To Change the Rules of the Game? To alter the expected results. To not become rigidly entrenched in social, economic, political and legalistic mechanisms created (over time) by the Privileged Few which will continue to lead to America’s eventual implosion (for the increased profit margins and increased sources of Power and Control for the Privileged Few).

What if instead, Americans, plain ’ole ordinary, common sense, meat and potato, resourceful folks, Rise to this historical occasion in Space and Time. Do ’the hard’, and Choose instead to become malleable to Change, and the inevitable dis-comfort, the processes of Change always bring to Everyone. Even the folks who struggled to bring about Constructive Change in the first place. Do ’ the hard’, and choose to grapple, (grunt and groan) with further Sociological and Ideological Experimentation with the ’Way We Do Things’, in order to make things better for Everyone. The whole of Humanity. Not just the Privileged Few. Freedom for All. Justice for All. Human Rights and Privileges for All!

Our Forefathers (and Foremothers), Our Founding Fathers (and Founding Mothers), believed in Social and Ideological Experimentation that benefited Humankind as a Whole. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights are steeped within their Hopes and Fears of finding a Better Way for All Humankind to Live. To exist day-to-day, upon our miraculously beautiful and bountiful planet.
 American Education has served Us well for over a hundred years, because it tacitly affirmed the premise - the Idea that an Enlightened and Progressive Nation needs an Educated and Skilled populace to effectively move forward into the Future. That the Society of a Democratic Republic must be Educated and Disciplined in order to make good and reasonable decisions about its present and future.

American Public Schools are a Socialistic entity (within a Democratic Republic). Public schools depend upon the good intentions and pooled monies of all of American Society in order to move our children, our future generations, into a productive and progressive future. Education is no longer just for the Privileged Few (as it once was). Education in America exists due to a malleable American Will to Experiment with something (some mechanism) that might improve Life for Everyone (not just the Privileged Few). The Experiment, as a whole, worked. The Socialistic Experiment of Public Schools in America is an intrinsic part of ‘reasons why’ America became the Great Democratic Republic Nation that She is.

Social Security is a Socialistic entity (within a Democratic Republic) created to protect America’s elderly and/or disabled. Social Security, like Our American Public Schools, also depends upon the Good Intentions and Pooled Monies of all American Citizens. It affords Ordinary Citizens a more secure and normalized future as they age, and inevitably hand over the Nation’s reins to the next upcoming Generation. Social Security acknowledges, and honors, an Individual’s, a Society’s natural organic cycles of Life and Death, and the Ripple Effects that has on the Nation as a Whole when those issues (for whatever reasons) are not addressed. Are not dealt with as a Whole.

Social Security is a mechanism that ‘thinks ahead‘. That helps Individuals and Society to prepare for every Citizen‘s ’exit plan’. Social Security is a Humane, Just and Reasonable way to handle aging and disabled Citizens as Individuals, and as a Healthy and Humane Society. Social Security is a Socialistic mechanism (until politicians and other Privileged Few began to rob and deplete its coffers, and demonize its original efforts) which, thus far, has helped to serve our American Democratic Republic well.

Universal Healthcare is a Socialistic entity waiting in the wings (actually being held under duress in the Privileged Few’s political, economic, judicial and negative propaganda clutches) to Sensibly, Humanely, and Justly address Our American Democratic Republic’s National Healthcare dysfunctions, ineffectiveness and overt profiteering. An Experimental and Malleable Universal Healthcare, just like Our Experimental American Public Schools and Our Experimental American Social Security System, can Benefit and Progress Our American Democratic Republic as a Whole (if We allow it, and are Willing - as President Obama and many Others are - to ’go up against’ the Privileged Few’s Corporate, Economic, Political and Judicial Power structures and propagandizing mechanisms in order to realize Universal Healthcare’s fruition and creation).

However, due to the new Legal Beagle machinations of the Privileged Few within Our American Supreme Court another corrosive law has been passed while hiding behind the well worn mask of protecting the First Amendment. This new corrosive law protects the Privileged Few’s Right to Free Speech. In fact, it enhances and empowers the Privileged Few’s Right to Free Speech, while diminishing the Voice of the Common - the Ordinary People.

Money talks and Freedom of Speech takes a Walk

MegaBanks and MegaCorporations have bought the playing field, the players and the spectators under the guise of protecting Freedom of Speech. MegaBanks and MegaCorporations (insurance companies and their lawyers, lobbyists, hospital administrators, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies….etc.) now have the Power to buy advertisements supporting political candidates that support their (the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations wants and desires), and demonizing the political candidates that oppose them in favor of what benefit’s the Whole of Humanity (not just the Privileged Few).

Smart move MegaBanks and MegaCorporations! Bravo! Way to go American Supreme Court! By protecting the PuppetMasters of the Universe’s Right of Free Speech (by making it even more possible for them to buy it) - you have taken another step toward Silencing (Seducing and Mesmerizing) the Voice of the People - the Ordinary Men and Women of America and eventually the World. You are using Our Democratic Republic’s honorable and noble mechanisms to squash the Rights of Others while you create an environment which supports your minimizing and enslaving Profiteering agendas on the Whole of Humanity. Let’s not forget the Ripple Effect your MegaBank and MegaCorporation Stones will create (and have already created) upon the Waters of Our Nation’s Life. The Waters of Our World’s Life.

An Honest Man - a Good Man - a Man of Conscience in Texas, was president of a Bank in Houston several years ago, when the banking laws were changed by the Privileged Few so that Banks could merge. So that Big Banks could swallow smaller Banks whole in order to be Kings and Queens of the Darwinian Food Chain of American and World Economies - National and World Power.

This Texan - this Honest man - this Banker with a Social Conscience told anyone and everyone who would listen, “When the Banks start merging in this country (America) they’ll have too much Power. It will be the beginning of the end of this country - of America.”

Shortly thereafter, this president of the Bank left the Banking industry because he would not allow himself to knowingly participate in the Economic and Power Mongering destruction of this country - of America.

A few years down the road and his Sage prediction has come true. MegaBamks have made delectable fast food happy meals of smaller Banks, Savings and Loans, and Credit Unions in America. MegaBanks (and MegaCorporations) own and continually manipulate the American - the Global Economy - American and Global Politics and Societies.

The MegaBanks and MegaCorporations appear to be deliberately causing National and Global Economic and Societal Chaos. It’s certainly working for them. The American Public bailed out the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations last year, and have received nothing in return for their altruism - their sacrifice.

Now, the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations expect the American Public to sacrifice and suffer, but in return are exhibiting the ‘ole ‘ do as I say, but not as I do’ behaviors. While Our American Society struggles with its deliberately weakened (by the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations) Economy, the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations are living off the Fat of the Land - the Fat of the Sacrificial Lamb (the American Public).

And now this new law has been created and passed through the American Supreme Court allowing The MegaBanks and MegaCorporations even more access and intrusion into our lives through the boob tube, the u-tube, the radio lube…etc.

It takes money - a lot of money to buy commercial spots and broadcasters. The biggest bidder gets the commercial hot spots, and most convincing and entertaining broadcasters. The highest bidders will almost always be the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations - the PuppetMasters.

The Supreme Court has now made it possible for the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations to sell the American Public more than their products. They have made it even more possible for the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations to sell their Political and Societal Ideas and Agendas over our airwaves, our radios, our computers, our Smart phones, our boob-tubes. Making the rest of Us Puppets, Servants, Serfs and Peasants Cattle to be prodded. Sheep to be knocked about by the PuppetMasters’ Staff and Rod. Spare the Rod and spoil the docile, comfort zoned-out Sheep. The Sheep (Ordinary Citizens) will now be learning (and experiencing) the melodies of the Slaughter House Blues. “Bah, bah Prodded Sheep. Have you any Wool (over your Eyes)? Yes, PuppetMasters. Yes, PuppetMasters, three bags full. Three for the Puppetmasters, and None for the little Sheep who bleat at their feet - Baaah!

Yes, like Dr Seuss’s Horton, in the book, Horton, Hears a Who?, it takes an elephant who Cares (and with ears and heart big enough) to hear the little (seemingly inconsequential) Who’s of Whoville for the Who’s of Whoville to be heard.

When the Laws of the Land are subverted to serve the Rulers (the PuppetMasters - the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations) instead of the Ordinary Citizens - Democratic Republic’s fall. They tumble into MegaBanks and Megacorporations Dictatoships.

The American Melting Pot, Smelting Pot becomes more of a Pressure Cooker with the MegaBanks and MegaCorporations solely controlling the heat. Constructive Transformation becomes condensation and evaporation of the Ordinary Citizens Freedoms and Rights.

Remember, like it or not, America is the template for how a modern day Democratic Republic operates and survives. With corrosive laws like the one just passed within our American Court Systems, the Power Mongers - the Privileged Few (whom our ancestors wanted to be freed from) are taking Power away from the Masses (the General Public) in order to enhance their Rule - their National and Global Agendas. They are gradually seducing the Masses into gradual, comfort filled Servitude. Gradual fear filled Silence of the Masses through the masterful emergence and buying of their Positions of Power over the Masses.

We also need to Remember that money only has the Power - the Meanings - we Choose to give it. Perhaps, it is Time in history to Experiment with different Economic mechanisms. When Benevolent Capitalism loses the checks and balances of the Educational and Spiritual/Ethical processes that prevent its becoming Malevolent Capitalism it is Time for a Change. For a re-evaluation of Who and What We are as a Nation - as a People.

In the meantime, as in days of old, the ghost of Nero and his fiddle playing haunts our Democratic Republic’s historical time line. While the Masses are Dancing to the PuppetMasters hey diddle-diddle tune, the late Dictator’s (and MegaBanks and MegaCorporations) fiery Vison is compellingly yearning - the Democratic Republic’s Masses are churning and turning - and Rome (America) - the Dream that was Rome (America) is burning.

The only effective Firefighters and Fire hoses will be the Enlightened Voice and Will of the People - the Ordinary Citizens. For in an Ideal Reality, All People are Born Equal - are Born Free. Are born with ‘certain inalienable Rights’ that need constant and vigilant protection ’of the People, by the People and for the People’.

America’s Melting Pot, Smelting Pot, and Pressure Cooker, too, is beginning a slow boil. Who are We going to allow to Control the Heat?

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Emanuel Paparella2010-01-26 14:38:17
This is an insightful article about the experiment that is our country Leah (rightly dubbed by Lincoln the best hope on earth). It is insightful because while praising the audacious experiment, it does not shy from a hard look at the lurking dangers to any democratic society, something that Thoreau (also featured in today’s issue) was very conscious of when he advocated his theory of “civil disobedience,” that we are not obliged to obey unfair and unjust laws, albeit we are obliged to suffer the consequences of such defiance…(continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2010-01-26 14:39:20
Be that as it may, I have always found the metaphor of the melting pot a bit troubling. The reason for that may be historical more than literary since it was promoted in the car factories of Henry Ford, the same one who proclaimed history “bunk.” In other to persuade the immigrant workers to forget their past and their old world culture, he would stage a play with a big boiling caldron prominently set on the stage; then the immigrants would appear on the left of the stage dressed in their typical immigrant clothing. The would go beyond the cauldron and then reappear on the right of the stage dressed as a typical North American. The message was clear enough: unless you adopt the cultural mores of this nation you have no future here. To become a citizen and an “American” one had to give up the old culture and adopt a new one. Not the ideals of its constitution and Declaration of Independence, mind you, but its Anglo-Saxon mores. Well, the English stock, even at the moment of the declaration of independence were less than 50% of the population; now they are in danger of becoming a minority. Which means that this nation was never wholly or predominantly Anglo-Saxon to begin with but a wonderful harmonious mix of many cultures. If there is an original American, it is the Native Americans, the Indians so called. (continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2010-01-26 14:40:39
Today many are discovering how misguided was the advice to give up the so called “old ways” of the old world. Had those “old ways” not been given up so easily by declaring history bunk, one could have been bilingual, and bicultural and thus be not a worse but a better citizen than those who remain mono-cultural and monolingual. Which of course does not mean at all advocating the racist concept of “pure race” a la KKK. It means rather to emphasize harmony rather than conformity. So, perhaps the metaphor should be changed. How about that of the symphony. In a symphony nobody gets cooked and melted; everybody retains her/his original culture and contributes to the harmony of the whole symphony with its own particular instrument or background culture while respecting that of others. The result is a beautiful whole. Just a thought.

Leah Sellers2010-01-26 17:45:32
Hello Brother Emanuel,
Thank you for your poignant insights.
As a Musician/Artist I agree wholly with your metaphor of the melodious Symphony. the World - the Cosmos is perpetually creating awe inspiring Music.
However, the sounds and anxiety within america right now are beginning to strain into a cacophony of nonsensical noise - ha !
I've always seen the alchemical processes of Fire as inspirational, transformational and transmutational as well. also, I enjoy cooking (especially for others). so, how about a compromise. How about a Cosmological symphony creating elemental Music all around Us while We stir the elemental concoction inspirationally transforming and transmutating within the Melting Pot, Smelting Pot and Pressure Cooker, Too !

Emanuel Paparella2010-01-26 19:04:10
Grat compromise Leah. I have nothing against good cousine, but you forgot the wine which was essential at all Greek symposia to make the dialogue more convivial and less partisan. Right now what we have reigning in Washington is the goddess of discord. It woudl appear that the trial by fire of the civil war has all but been forgotten.

Alena2010-02-03 06:18:49
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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