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But ...seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-01-04 09:54:51
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For my personal column with the weird and serious of this world, nothing else or even better could start the new decade than the Cesar himself. Apparently I just remembered something I heard ones in a play, there is no need for a script in modern comedy, you just have to read loud the news. Ladies and gentlemen the Cesar himself, emperor Berlusconi is recording a record with …love songs. Something between Barry White, Lucio Dalla and Eminem! Yeah fine, it will have a bit of Carla Bruni as well! Black tuxedo with colourful underwear hanging out!

Asa was laughing with me for choosing Silvio Berlusconi as the persona of the year but actually I would nominate him as the persona of the decade and the way he’s going he’s going to be the persona of the century! The man can provoke the most controversy feelings and reading an article with his latest deeds combines laughs with tears.

But let’s get a bit serious because with Berlusconi from one side and Al-Qaeda on the other I have doubts if we are going to survive this new decade. a couple of years ago when they started talking about the full body scanners in airports and perhaps train stations we all said that this is violation of personal space and the idea of seen naked scans of ourselves in the internet brought shivers to our spine. Then it took an underwear bomb and here we are volunteering not only for full body scanners but to walk naked through the customs and all that in the name of security.

And the worst is still to come, just imagine going through these full body scanners having somebody going through your body and all that accompanied with Silvio’s music!!!

Unfortunately this looks ridiculous but the whole thing with the terrorism is going to have more innocent victims than our rights and dignity. It seems that republican American presidents make invasions while democrats flatten countries and I have this feeling that Yemen is not going to have a jolly year, the signs are getting more and more and the memory of Clinton with Somalia is coming back. What I find amazing is that both American presidents before sit on the “chair” emphasized the importance of diplomacy. Yugoslavia enjoyed Clinton’s diplomacy, Somalia enjoyed Clinton’s diplomacy; let’s see who’s going to enjoy Obama’s diplomacy! It seems that there is something in the oval office that makes the occupants forget but never forgive.

However somebody who is willing to forget and forgive it seems to be the Pope Benedict. An aide visited the woman, the mentally disturbed woman who assaulted the Pope during the Mass on Christmas Eve expressing the Pontiff’s worries for her wellbeing and told her that the Pope was willing to forgive her and forget the whole event. Susanna Maiolo, the disturbed woman said to the police that she did everything just to attract the Pope’s attention to the poor. Now if I see Barack Obama I will do the same and jump on him I’m sure that I will definitely attract his attention accompanied with a nine millimetres bullet!

A huge bullet to the government was the collection of more than 56,000 signatures in a petition that urging the Icelander president Olaf Ragnar Grimsson to reject a bill that repays money lost by foreigners when the Icelandic online bank collapsed. The people of Iceland showed something that the people all around the world understand very well. That the nearly collapse of the international economy or the recession as they like to call it was because some gabled in balloons as they like to call these short of investment and now they are expecting us to pay their loses.

However some who really lost something the last few years are the Finns. The latest incident with the shooting in the shopping mall and the murder of five people is not clear yet but it looks like a passion crime awoke a series of traumatic memories. What I found m ore terrifying were the headlines in all the newspapers and news the next couple of days. All of them had copy paste exactly the same headlines from one day after the incident last year and the same headlines from the year before and the year before. Officials call for tougher gun laws!

Well the officials asked exactly the same thing four years ago and three years ago and two years ago and even last year when the victims were school kids. What has changed? The size of the fonts in the headlines because everything else remains the same and is suppose just like the other times they are going to commit some kind of parliamentary committees to study the situation and while we will try to recover from the next incident they might – emphasizing the might – decide that really Finland needs tougher gun laws without suggesting anything or acting just like they did the last few years.

In the meantime what remains for me to do is …wait for Berlusconi’s love songs!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-01-04 12:18:02
Both Benedict XVI and Berlusconi have forgiven their assailants and now it's hard to tell who of the two is the greater saint. Berlusconi's love songs are sure to tip the balance for most people. Remember Saint Ciapelletto in Boccaccio's Decameron.

By the way, the photo of the Pope shown above is the one of Pope John XXIII but I have no doubt that Benedict XVI and Berlusconi will forgive that oversight too.

Thanos2010-01-04 15:42:18
Mea culpa! :)

But if I remember well Pope John Paul was also ready to ...forgive easily!

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