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2010 Horoscope forecast
by Sidharth Kanjilal
2009-12-31 08:26:02
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January 2010 starts with many planets influencing your career. Your financial goals will start to get fulfilled. In February, your social schedule will be very busy, and when it comes to romance, you need to put more time. Even though you're usually able to balance work with relationships, this month romance is neglected. March 2010 you'll be dynamic and will attract a whole lot of attention. Your energy level will be running very high. April will bring back good memories, as these nostalgic feelings are so pleasant. Profesioanlly you are doing just fine. Mentally you are lost in your dreamland. In May, money matters will be important and also quite top priority. You may receive some money suddenly. In June, Jupiter will help you to win it all. You will feel bigger than life. Now, is the time to invest in business. July, you realize that you've been working very hard for the past couple of quarters, and your relationship is getting neglected. August 2010, fortunately, several planetary allies will assist you in making sure that all departments of your life are working out just fine. Courtesy of Saturn, you'll find that most of your energy spent are giving back rich dividents. September, You may get a chance for new job or business venture. Regardless, you'll be tempted to take it, and you really should think about it as this is a good offer. In October, If you haven't found someone you love, then this is the right time for it. A lot of time will be spend the month on traveling and socializing. November has in store for you big news, involving luck in lottery and windfalls. Venus, the Goddess of Love, after weeks of moving retrograde through your house of intimacy, she'll turn direct in Libra, creating harmony in love and relationship. December 2010, Since the Sun, Mercury, and Mars,all your own planet, are travelling in right directions, it's a time you'll have some serious fun. You're adaptable, and you'll make the best of every moment.



January, 2010 may see you going through some marital troubles. Mercury turns retrograde, creating havoc. If you are single, then this isn't the best time to fall in love. But the only good news will come if you are travelling. In February, With Valentine's Day en route, and your sign being ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, you can expect a very romantic time. On the health front, you experiance some uneasiness. During March, the idea of a new profession creates excitement in your mind. If the career path is not fixed you may well take a new road. In April, The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all pass through your sign and your house of personality and appearance this month, hence more importantly on an inner level, honesty, trustworthiness, all good primary qualities will be highlighted. In May, after three weeks of working its way retrograde through your sign, Mercury will finally turn direct, on the 11th, creating rejoices all around. Of course, you also love to be with your dear ones and there will be no more hurdles to jump over. It's time to make some plans with no worries about the outcome. From June, your communications and contacts will play a very important role in your success. You may consider settling down, if you are unmarried, and lose your bachelorship. There will also be some revelation of secrets. In July, fued with co-workers can cause some worry, so stay away from any person who wants to challenge your guts. For those who wishes to travel, you should wait until 15th or so to finalize arrangements. August, The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be in perfect harmony, creating a very peaceful and happy home environment. In September, your best friends will keep you busy with their entertainment. The Uranus joins your other planets in October, making a beneficial time for expressing your creativity, you could well be giving time to arts, music, or maybe even pottery!. In November, a long-distance friend and maybe even ex-lover will scoop up your time and energy this month, perhaps so much that you'll need to do some thinking about both the past and the future. December, 2010 You love to shop, especially around the holiday season.



In January, 2010 you're too wrapped up in your ideas to be overly romantic, and the Solar Eclipse of the 15th will fire the intimacy even more, making you inseparable from your love interest. You have been dying for some quality time with that person, and this is the right time. February, people will realize as you never been known to be shy anyway, but now with, Mercury in good position, you can achieve any work related to public contacts, communication and even personnel relations. Valentine's Day won't go bad either. During March, one of your weakness comes out open, i.e, Patience. Even a minor set back can make you feel frustrated. Someone who's been in your life for sometime, may help you in your need. In April, You would need to cut down on your social time and focus more on professional aims. May, 2010 Family matters may have been weighing heavily on you over the past few weeks, like petty sibling rivalries to major arguments over inheritances but soon things will ease up. You need to talk openly and honestly and peace will prevail. In June, you are ready for a new start and you will be getting loads of help. You'll likely find that you're suddenly a part of a new peer group. July, you are not worrying about money anymore. Your talents, skills, knowledge, communication and interesting friends, help you in achieveing your goals. This month, you'll have even less to worry about than ever. In August, you may feel pulled in at least two directions this month. In particular, a family issue that's been left unresolved may resurface. During September, there could be a tug off war between your career and profession life. And at the same timebeetween the inner you and the outer you. But don't worry, if anyone can multitask, it's you. October, You're no slouch at work. Never have been, never will be. In fact, since you're the essence of duality, you can do at least two projects at once, and do them both perfectly. November, 2010 Lovely Venus has big plans for you, and you'll have no choice but to cooperate with her. In fact, she'll have you all set up for a new relationship, possibly with an old lover. In December, you have a chance to take one of several delightful paths. You can start something brand new with someone you've adored for a long time, start over with someone you've been attached to for just yourself freedom if that's what you've been craving. Regardless of your choice, you will energize and revitalize yourself.



January 2010 starts off in an action packed scene. The year begins with your friends, wonderful admirers and family, all around you and making life so more beautiful. Whether you're single or attached, it's going to be a terrific month. February, to start, there's Jupiter and Pluto, holding court in your house of Finances, making it very profitable period. Every money invested by you is giving you high profits. March, will be full of travel, mostly of the long-distance, meeting new people and seeing new places. In April, Money options and professional matters, together, you have the possibility of a whole new change of job, a simple raise, bonus or promotion, but also a whole new line of work. May, 2010 your communications will be activated, cooperation and good ing can give you high success.You'll be able to make plans and be able to achieve them. June, Your mission this month will be to devote yourself as much as possible to perfecting your work and even your appearance, A new hairstyle, wardrobe, physical regime - you name it!

In July, One of your best qualities, is your ability to maintain emotional stability regardless of what comes your way. That's an asset you'll use on a daily basis this month. Health of spouce may cause concerns. August, Your house of love affairs is always a very hot place, and since sexy Scorpio is the sign on, you can have a very romantic period. September, Mercury's three-week retrograde through your house of conversations has probably left you feeling a bit tongue-tied, but it will be over soon as suddenly everything will start to straighten out. Miscommunications will clear up, lost directions will be found, and missing friends will come back. In this month, October, 2010 you may feel your professional scene has found some hurdles. If it relates to your boss, you may want to better the relations. November sees home, family, and the holidays, these will keep you busy this month. There may be someone who's either accepted or extended an offer to cohabitate. December, will pass in entertaining your friends and family in your cozy abode. Socializing is on the cards.



January, 2010 we notice few planets in unfavorable position causing hurdles during the first half of January. Leo, if you are hoping for a raise or bonus, or maybe even a well-deserved promotion, you have to wait. In February, Mars enters your sign, turning your house into a bit of battlefield. This red-hot planet doesn't do anything good currently. In March, you focus your energies into positive outlets, as you start to expect rich dividents. Your family needs your time. April, your wasted emotions, along with worry and resentment, starts to fade away. You spend your money frivolously around your circle. In May, the axis of money matters - that is, personal matters and joint finances will be in focus. Mercury finally turns direct in your house of career matters, that raise, bonus, or promotion you've been aiming for will finally come. June, If you've been waiting for success, your patience will be rewarded.Your boss watching you will be grateful and appreciative. In July, a surprise trip of the long-distance variety is on your agenda. You'll be able to break your routine, and enjoy in nature. August, 2010 you will feel you are achieving the financial success you wanted. You are worried about your love life. During September, renovations, home decoration and even buying luxury goods are in focus. Money matters have been good for you. October, watch what you say this month, because every word will be taken very seriously by everyone who hears you speak. If you say anything wrong now, you may regret later. November, 2010 you've got a lot on your mind, Leo, and most of it involves love. You could hurt someone's feelings without meaning to, someone who's vulnerable at the moment, simply by being just a bit too sweet to them you can cheer'em up. December, with all of all the holiday time, you should graciously and respectfully enjoy the period. It certainly won't be easy, as there are definitely worse problems around you, but time will heal everything in the end.



In January 2010, a strong romantic feeling enters your heart. With Jupiter and Pisces in good position, talks of marriage may start. On the professional side, there could be some delay in your plans. February will show how much focussed you are on your work. Your hardwork will be noticed and appreciated. All your pending projects can be completed now. During March, even with very little effort, you can accomplish great tasks, be it professional or personal. Romance is on the full bloom. In April, because of Mercury's retrograde period - which lasts three weeks and will start on the 17th, there could be minor health worries. Maybe a simple fatigue. It is very necessary that you give some time for your social life too. During May, Saturn is going through its final passage in your sign this month, so whatever decisions you take now, will give you rich dividents in the future. Your decision won't be easy, but only you can make it and with Jupiter, the King of the Wisdom, in your sign, you will have a very comfortable time. June, with the summer at its peak, you may well take time off work, and enjoy vacation. The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th, suggests a very happy period in life. July 2010, Venus and Mars, will pass through your sign this month, Virgo, putting you financilly in a very good position. During August, the health of elders may cause worry. Otherwise, with Mercury at good position, you can invest successfully in business or any financial venture. September, may be difficult for you. You've been trying to keep things together, despite all Uranus's best efforts to wreak havoc on your's plans. In October, the focus will be on spending. Hence, this means, its important that you create a budget. November, will make you surprised at the type of admirers who'll come your way. Family get togethers and socializing are on the cards. In December, Mercury, your own planet, will spend the 1st through the 18th in your house of love. You will have a very exciting time with your lover.



January, 2010 will keep you extremely busy for the first half of the month, by doing your duty to your loved ones, especially elders, who may attain bliss. Your may be inclined towards learning, spreading your wisdom. In February, it's going to be all about love for you this month, and whether you're attached or single, you'll have some planetary envoys prepared to make it a memorable Valentine's Day. During March, the fun will continue from last month. Professionally start on the 7th, when Venus will enter your house of career, you may be rewarded with bonus or promotion. April, starts with travel and you could also get sudden money. Fortunately, this phase will be longer and your hard works will be appreciated and duely rewarded. In May, 2010 Pluto, the most intense of all planets, will take precedence over just about everything this month, Libra, especially when it comes to family matters. Also you will have new solutions to old problems. In June, If you're already attached, you'll need to reassure your partner often, but you'll definitely think of some charming ways to do just that. If you're single, prepare for a line of admirers. July, 2010 Saturn will enter your sign this month, Libra, and in your house of property and finance. Saturn will stay there for two and half years. This would create a great luck for you. August, 2010 Saturn and Mars are just now getting settled into your sign and you will be busy in your work, and finding ways to expand in your field. Health is okay too. In September, your relations with your friends, family, and your partner, will be higlighted.The good news is that you'll be able to work your own special magic , which will make for a joyous get togethers and even trips together. October, The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn will pass through your sign, and in the process, your already charming personality and appearance will become an energy to be reckoned with. From now until at least the end of October, every word you utter and every glance you toss will positively influence people aound you. November will be a month bringing loads of good surprises. Parties, socializing, inflow of money and even meeting old friends. December 2010, in your sign, Mercury will turn retrograde on the 10th, and on the 18th, he'll back up into your house of communications. Basically, you'll surprise even yourself at what you say. Overall a very good month.



January, 2010 Lucky you, Scorpio! On this month you feel top of the world. Pleasant time with friends and family are on the cards. Chances of meeting distant relatives. In February, Venus and Jupiter, will be in a wonderful position, creating a perfect foundation to build a successful professional career. March, You're that point in your life, where financially you want to expand by taking calculated risk. However, be sure to consult someone more skilled. During April, prepare yourself, Scorpio, for an extremely romantic month. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will pass through your house of one-on-one relationship bringing back Love in your life. In May you're the sexiest and most magnetic of all the twelve signs, so if there's someone by your side, you find absolutely delicious, you'll be able to lure them closer, and let them know exactly how you feel. June, If you've been hoping for a raise or promotion, don't loose patience, as it's definitely coming soon. Your work will get the attention you hoped. Fortunately, with Jupiter in fiery Aries about to enter your house, you won't have any problems being noticed. In July, 2010 Two major planetary powers, Jupiter and Uranus, will get together to inspire you this month, making your life action-oriented and fruitful. Obviously, with these two on duty, there won't be a moment to waste, no matter what project you're working on. The energy and initiative you've been waiting for, will be there for you. August, will be easy going with socializing and light moments shared with friends. September, you will regather your energy and focus on your professioanl goals, and very soon your ambitions would look achievable. October, Loving Venus and aggressive Mars are together, representing attraction and unchallengeable romantic team. The result of this is an amazing partnership. November, Success, is right at the top of your list of priority, and you'll have plenty of it this month. Plus, there are chances of family vacation. In December, 2010 you'll have a wonderful surprise waiting for you. The good news can come from any department of your life.



January, 2010 It's been a while since you've really concentrated on saving money, but that should definitely be your New Year's resolution. Fortunately, you'll have plenty of help as Capricorn will strengthen your resolve from its position in your house of finances. In February, your honesty and straight-talking will be on focus. Also this month, you'd better warn any unsuspecting bystanders to step away if you get that Look on your face. Of course, Valentine's Day is coming up, so you be gentle with your sweetheart. March, There's a party starting in your house, you're as high-energy as a sign can be, and this enthusiasm will stay for a while. You know you have the right company and enjoyable time. In April, you could have to decide, your lover or your work? Both will want every moment of your time.The choice you'll make will be tough, as your lover is demanding now. In May, 2010 the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, means that you'll be tugged in two different directions this month again, between your family and friends - and professional matters. That doesn't mean you won't be able to manage the two masters, because you will - if anyone can, it's you. June, Talking about a good time, it's all about love for you this month, If you're attached, your partner's about to present you with a parade of interesting gifts. If you're single, many proposals are on your way. July, Startling Uranus and Jupiter, will help you to make some very nice new friends this month, or some of those friends may turn into potential lovers. August, 2010, your a risk-takeing ability will help you accomplish big tasks. You will profit in your investments. September, will be spent on completeing projects and pending works. you wont have much time for social activities. In October, you've got an interesting oppurtunity coming your way. Some quality time though, will be spent for celebrations of the more private kind. November, Talk about a good time! It is the beginning of the Sun's annual trek through your sign, which automatically means it's going to be fun. December, Is there anything you love more than the holidays? The nonstop shopping, the freedom to be as extravagant as you like, and the grin on your face that just won't wipe off.



January, 2010 What a great way to start the new year, you're working hard, both on your career and on yourself, and this month will be on the top! Your personality, dutiboundness, respectability, responsibility, and, most important, the determination, will make you successful. In February, Pluto's presence in your sign in house of personality has been positively affecting you for months and it's far from over. In fact, since this powerful God of the Underworld will meet up with Jupiter, the King of Mount Olympus, you'll have two of the heaven's most powerful allies on your side. March, In this month you'll be focused on helping out with the affairs of siblings, neighbors, and long-time friends. Once the 8th arrives, you'll be able to ease up and enjoy life. During April, many busy days. You'll have plenty of those this month. In May, you'll be in the mood to travel, whether you decide to travel long-distance or just take a few days off for a long weekend in the vicinity. In June, there could be some changes in your home and family life, but not to worry, this will be one of those changes that brings you joy, and lots of it. But all changes will occur under most unpredictable circumstances. July, 2010 Career just so happens to be your top priority. Your professional life wiil be good. Now, if you're thinking about a partnership then all conditions are right. August, You've always been the "take-charge" type, ready to do your job. Some stress due to over work. September, Happy news, Children will bring joy. You'll finally understand the happiness is in the house. You will do new things, trying to create adventure in life. October, It may be time for you to make some serious changes in your professional life - but that won't be a problem, because you'll be more than willing to change lots of things, including the type of people you spend your time with. November, You'll probably spend the first week of the month with old friends, and one of them could make you a wonderful offer - a business offer - the kind that you may be able to turn into a wonderful career move. December, 2010 You're one of the most organized signs, you pride yourself on always having emergency Plan ready. That will come in handy during the first half of the month. Your friends give you some much-needed time to enoy life better.



From January, unfortunately the year starts in a dull note for you. You're too blunt to enjoy participating in any kind of fun activity. Partying have never been one of your favorite things.But, try to make some adjustments in your thinking now. Go out and enjoy! In February, you realize, especially if it's for the sake of a loved one who needs to keep a certain matter under wraps. If you have to, put some distance between you and all parties concerned. Some secrets will be opened. In March, you will you speak your mind so amazingly well that everyone will be afraid to disagree with you, much less confront you. In your business, don't make any decisions until you've been fully satisfied with the pros and cons. During April, Several planetary allies will make it easier than usual for you to say exactly what's on your mind this month, your words will impress your boss and related parties. May, Red-hot Mars has been on duty in your house of relationships for some time now, Aquarius, turning every encounter into an exciting one, and there's no time for looking back. June, You've been famous and known for being inventive and rebellious. In fact, your curiosity will help you meet those people who can be useful for you now and even in future. Professionally you may have a supremely tough task, but you will be a winner. July, 2010 your own planets will make it impossible for you to have any privacy - at least, unless you're willing to fight for it - but they'll bring you introductions that may end up being helpful to your career and social life. Be prepared for a most unusual and unexpected parade of newcomers, some of whom may turn out to be good friends.August, Your freedom-loving, rebellious sign will have a really terrific time this month, Aquarius. You'll be able to shock and amaze the masses without guilt, raise eyebrows whenever the mood strikes you and say just about anything to absolutely anyone. Well, your irresistibly charming energy will help you to get away with anything. A great big honorary award possible. September, Your axis of money matters may be a tad more confusing than usual this month, but everything will begin to straighten out, so don't despair. The problem may be a certain person who you've entrusted with joint control of your checkbook, credit cards, and other resources - someone who you've just recently begun to suspect of being deceptive. October, You'll probably be traveling now, or making plans for a wonderful long-distance trip, Aquarius, thanks to the Sun, movement-oriented Mercury, and serious Saturn, all of whom will be making their way through your house of far-off places. November, most time will be spent on reuniting you with old friends - and maybe even ex-lovers. December, 2010 This will be quite an "interesting" holiday season for you, Aquarius, especially in the department of emotions. The beginning of December will be busy as usual for the holidays, and you'll have your share of invitations to wonderful parties.



January, 2010 Your friends will play a special role in your life now. One of your friend will help you professionally also. February, You must quite literally be on top of the world now, Pisces, and it's only going to get better. You may think of investing in business. In March, Uranus is the main character in this cast, you really should leave your social calendar open as much as possible to provide for all the unexpected invitations you'll receive. Succes is guaranteed. April, 2010 You'll have a lot to say this month, Pisces, and several people will be there to listen to you. May, You've been blessed for some time now, Pisces. Startling Uranus has helped you to break out of any rut you're in and allowed you to use your innate power of invisibility to infiltrate any ranks. In June, you see that you're where you want to be. In short, for some years now, you've been reaching faster towards your goals. July, This month, you'll be able to decide, thanks to the added gift of generous Jupiter, who will help guide you along your way. For years now, sturdy Saturn, the most responsible of all the planets, has been making his way through your house of one-to-one relationships. August, You've always been the wistful, nostalgic type, Pisces. In fact, your sign wrote the book on being sentimental about the past - and the past is exactly what will be coming up this month, especially when it comes to romance. September, What a month! planets are backing up together through your sign and your house of finance. You may very well receive a lum sum cash money from someone.October, Ready to get serious, Pisces. Bet you are - and that you'll want to have some very intense conversations, too, a definite indication that it's time to talk about something - most likely something you've been putting off.November, Jupiter and Uranus have kept you pretty busy for months now in the department of relationships, Pisces, and you've probably enjoyed it - at least, most of it and got one mission in mind - to set youself up with someone who's fun, charming, and full of life. And just in time for the holidays!December, 2010 The lights, the music, the generous mood that most people are (finally) in - those are just some of the reasons you adore the holiday season, Pisces. This year, you'll have some extra reasons to wear that perma-grin, though.


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