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The mobility that changed our lives
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-12-26 12:40:50
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In the next few days we are going to decide for the persona or the event of the year and thinking that an article on the news agency ABC caught my eye, 50 things that changed our lives this decade and straight away I thought …one! Mobile telephones!

Mobile telephones I think the last decade if not the half of the last century are the technological advancement that not only has changed our lives but has dramatically changed even the structures of our society and in an unbelievable way they have reached everybody, literally everybody. Think of it, what other technological advancement has managed to do the same thing so fast and reach so many people the same time. There are people, perhaps a big majority that thinks that computers are the instrument of devil and internet another planet and the same exactly people might say exactly these things on the mobile talking with a cousin who lives in a farm somewhere in the nowhere!

I will never forget a friend of mine, when the new generation of mobiles that didn’t need a suitcase to carry them came out in late 90s she was aggressively negative saying that these things will be the reason we are going to lose our privacy and independency – oddly she was right in both – but seen her now it is shocking to see that she doesn’t do without her mobile, storing telephones, notes, birthdays, memos, songs, videos, photos and it never ends. I have been wandering what we did before the mobiles. I think I was – I can talk only about myself – more organized than I am today and I mean it. I noticed that the other day when I was late for an appointment and it didn’t worry me at all, I just called ten minutes before the arranged time to say that I was going to be a bit late. The problem is that I could have been on time if I had started on time; but you see I knew that I could call and excuse my delay! Amazing!

The ABC agency goes through a long catalogue that includes from the expansion of internet to the celebrity culture, GPS and Google but I have the feeling that all of them will end up in the end inside a mobile telephone if they haven’t done it already. In one magazine I was reading last month that a mobile manufacturer is researching the possibility to add digital books in the telephones. And with the internet you can already easily follow the news in your mobile. The day my mobile will make me a cappuccino while I wait for it to cut my hair I will think that we have gone just too far but still it won’t surprise me!

How good or how bad the mobiles have brought I’m not sure yet, I suppose it is still too early to say but the same time mobile telephones technology moves so fast so by the time we will have enough observations to make a decision will most likely have moved to something else, a new generation of mobiles as they call it that will do more or different things after all mobiles have managed to push other technologies move forward as well. Soon wireless access to internet it will be free to everybody which means again a new era, then you will not need anmobile01_400ymore providers and mobile companies, you will be able to talk and connect with anybody anywhere through internet and since all mobiles nowadays have internet the rest it is easy to imagine.

But about the bad things, as I said before we somehow lost our privacy and independency. You would never call somebody after certain time of the night if you didn’t know for a fact that there was urgency. You would have thought twice before calling to a house with a young baby for example, now you just call anytime. And the only way to escape with the mobiles is not to answer something that might have been considered …rude! But the same time think how many times you were in that emergency and the mobile saved you in situations that you would be hopeless in the past. Nowadays office is open wherever you are, holidays or in a break; they will find you. But then how many times you wanted to have news or updates in the past and it was a whole adventure to get them, so big adventure that made you regret going on holidays. I know, I found myself a couple of times in this situation. And just think how many lives where saved because of a mobile telephone. The same time seen pictures of indigenous people posing while speaking on mobiles is a bit …weird but then again, why not? 

We are not sure yet on who and what we are going to nominate as persona or event of the year but mobiles definitely hold the place of the thing that definitely changed our lives the last decades.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-12-26 14:39:21
One does not have to be a Luddite to realize that there are serious downsides to the wonderful invention called the cellular phone. A colleague of mine has done a study on the phenomenon and claims that he can prove that there is an inverse relationship on quality of messages to means of communication and it is this: the faster the means of communications get (internet, e-mail, cellular phone) the more trivial and banal the messages exchanged. He has a running joke about it: we will reach a point when a man living in a cave in Siberia will call a man living in a cave in Patagonia and grunt to each other. Indeed, when have you received a letter via snail mail which could be treasured as a literary jewel? Food for thought.

Thanos2009-12-26 17:37:55
The last few days for a variety of reasons i am without mobile... I can't describe how ...wonderful it is!!! :)

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