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The fifth ...elementary year
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-12-20 10:54:42
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I feel that if I say that today Ovi magazine celebrates five years of accomplishments it will be a cliché and the same time is so true. Accomplishments that go far beyond an online publication, accomplishments far beyond the connectivity  Ovi magazine has brought between people who have never actually met face to face.

Ovi magazine on the contrary of its times didn’t begin as a great internet financial opportunity and again contrary to its times came as a need for opinion, the right to have opinion and express it, but most of all Ovi magazine is all about commitment; commitment to freedom, commitment to democracy, commitment to the people and their right to equality, to speech and express their believes and their needs.

When Asa, John and I started putting the foundations of the Ovi magazine, months before actually putting it online (oddly it was days after my daughter was born), we had a short of a foggy idea of the needs, the sacrifices and most of all the responsibilities that would bring. And on the way these needs, sacrifices and responsibilities became bigger but at least we had a lot of friends to help us and share them. I like to emphasize this word ‘friends’, because after five years nearly two hundred people who contribute day after day for this magazine in many ways and forms have become friends, perhaps more than friends.

I will give you an example, months ago I was talking with a friend who I always admired as a teacher and suddenly I started talking about somebody using his first name comfortably and quoting some of the things he has used in his articles for Ovi magazine, pointing to my friend that he has to meet him. After a bit my friend asked how often I meet this professor and have those long conversations and I realized that I have never actually met this person, I know how he looks like just because of his "avatar" in the Ovi Team page and my favourite phrase of his – which apparently always makes me smile - is “food for thought”

We have no idea if Ovi magazine has become an influential magazine or at least a noticeable magazine and I was never sure if the stats we see about visits, unique visits and countries of origin show us that, but we often get emails that make me feel that we are doing something worth making and that’s not all, sometimes blogs and sites quote us and that means that what we are doing is more than just worth doing. I think when one of Mugabe’s lackeys attacked me personally from an official governmental site adding threats, was a milestone that what we are doing here for the human rights, for democracy and freedom of speech is great.

Ovi magazine is not a blog, a personal journal, a gossip site, that’s the reason we don’t get many comments in the articles but with the few we get we know that people are reading us, and yes we take seriously comments regarding our improvement. Actually we have survived and learn from our mistakes and …we have done a few of them. And Ovi magazine has expand those five years far more to what we were thinking when we started in 2004.

From a monthly magazine it became daily always keeping the “magazine” style form of it. We have the Ovi Bad Boys radio show that gave us access to another media form and a way to promote our principals; we have added the bookshop and we have continued the thematic issues. For 2010, the 6th year, the …preschool year, we are going to add more things and improve some others we have in …sleeping state at the moment.

Today we are in front of a new beginning and I want to insure you that the next five years will be the same challenging and Ovi magazine will continue to be a voice of freedom and conscience for the ones who forgot.

Thank you everybody very much for these first five years and quoting somebody I don’t really …admire “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”*

Thank you very much

Thanos Kalamidas



*It was R.Reagan who said it!

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Eva2009-12-20 16:04:29
It's been a fun read the past 5 years, congrats x x

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