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When the poor send a message
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-12-14 07:07:55
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Of course Massimo Tartaglia has psychological problems and of course we are going to find out that the last twenty years the 42 years-old Italian has spent most of the time in psychiatric clinics. But I’m afraid the 42 years-old man with the psychological and all the other problems has something in common with the tens of thousands that gathered in Rome asking Berlusconi’s resignation and with the millions all around Europe seeing their income shrink all the time while the Berlusconis of this world are getting richer and more arrogant.

The photos of a 73 years-old man hit in shock and with a face full of blood are definitely sad and this minute you can see them in every single news agency, blog and site everywhere around the world and yes you feel sad for the old man and abhorrence for the act but the saddest thing is that because the old man is Berlusconi and everything he represents somewhere inside you, very deeply you feel that there is a sardonically smile. And for months if not for years now especially n Europe everybody is talking for the day when the poor will say enough and they will act. If you remember a year ago with all the riots starting in Athens Greece that’s exactly what we were talking about. The poor in Europe have hit bottom and it will come the day when they will react and unfortunately for all of us this reaction is not going to be through a peaceful demonstration. After all we all saw the rehearsals in Athens and in the rest of Europe.

But since I was talking about Athens, Greece this minute is just the top of iceberg of the general economic situation and in Europe only Greece has a lot of company including Ireland, Spain, Italy and soon Britain and it is at least pathetic and ridiculous talking about a nation’s bankrupt the reasoning for all the fuss is somewhere else but this is not the right time to talk about it. However it is amazing the leadership of Europe and the golden boys of the international banking how they can agree on the measures the Greek government should take into helping the national economy and in extent not letting a domino effect to start that will damage the whole euro-zone. Apparently they all suggested in the past exactly the same measures to Ireland and they are too keen to practice them in Iceland, Spain and Italy. The focus of their effects is …froze the salaries, if necessary decrease them, do the same with the pensions and limit all kinds of benefits.

Do you know how much somebody who has worked for over fifteen years takes a month in Greece? Just over a thousand Euros. Berlusconi spent more for two minutes with one of his call girls and most of these golden boys with the brilliant ideas spend the same money for a cigar! And the same happens in Italy, in Spain, in Ireland everywhere in Europe. Are the recession and the big screw up with the economics a result of something the people who barely survive with a salary, poor, the unemployed and the pensioners did? Of course no, so why is it always them who have to pay the screw up and please don’t tell me that this is capitalism because I haven’t seen much difference with the socialists and here is Europe we have plenty of both.

When it will come the day when somebody will stand up and say enough? Enough the poor and the less privilege of this society has paid the mistakes of the few. Why this attack against Berlusconi this minute doesn’t look to me as a good sign and as an independent incident of a psycho? And why the demonstrations against Berlusconi last week I have the feeling that they were just the beginning and they will be followed by others in London against Brown and in Paris against Sarkozy and in Berlin against Merkel because there is somewhere a line when the people have enough.

It doesn’t matter where in Europe, every single analysis, article or thesis you read about the financial situation you will find that the European households live on credit time, all of the overwhelmed with loans and credit cards, actually most of the European houses have already used the money for their next decade Christmas presents now. And the experts think that by freezing or decreasing salaries, pensions and benefits they are coming with a solution? I’m afraid they are coming with a revolution!

Berlusconi has provoked the common feeling with just everything he has done, his acts, his policy, his ideas, his attitude; his personal life is a provocation to the average man. Even his marriage and his divorce had to be a soup-opera with expensive villas, call girls, fancy yachts, and millions of Euros adding to that the lately supposedly connections with the Mafia or the fascists. And the thing with Berlusconi is that now he has gone beyond Italy. The man is part of the EU leadership; his acts represent much more than on member country. But again Berlusconi is not the exception; he is just the clown in the spotlight.

The recovery of the recession and the financial crisis that has hit all of us hard the last two decades demands brave measures and by increasing the tax on the people who don’t have it, decreasing or freezing salaries and pensions its cowardice. And unfortunately desperation brings violence and then you get photos of a 73-years-old man with blood all over his face! And as I said before if nobody will stand to defend these people – the majority apparently of the Europeans – this is only the beginning.

P.S. Watching the news with Berlusconi makes you admire the man, a natural born actor and PR master. He was trying to climb on top of his car flashing his full of blood teeth and pointing his scars to the television!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-12-14 10:27:35
The giants founding fathers of the EU (Schumann, Monet, Eidenauer, De Gasperi) must be turning in their grave at the pathetic sight of the current dwarfs nos in charge of Europe. A bloody nose may not seem much in the larger scheme of things, but it may be an omen and a portent or more bloody ugly events, for indeed those who do not learn anything from their history are condemned to repeat it and those who put economic interests above freedom and genuine cultural values will eventually lose both.

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