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Ride Planet Earth - A Green Road To Copenhagen
by Johnny Milner
2009-12-05 11:40:02
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standing_400The “Ride Planet Earth” Project follows one man’s intrepid journey across three continents on bicycle. Fifteen months ago social worker Kim Nguyen set off from Brisbane Australia on a mission with a clear purpose - to raise awareness on Global Warming and to promote behaviour change. His arrival in Copenhagen (the final destination) will coincide with the COP15 negotiations on the 6th of December. On the epic ride Kim has been hospitalized several times for heat exhaustion, fever and a fall that resulted in six stitches to his face. He has traveled through some most environmentally venerable communities on Erideposter212x300arth such as the Arid Australian Outback, the humid rainforests of South East Asia, the high altitudes of the Himalayas and the Foothills of Pakistan.

By meeting with the inhabitants of these communities and recording their messages Kim is able to voice their concerns about the impact of climate change. This first hand documentation suggests that global warming poses a serious threat to the development and poverty reduction in the poorest and most vulnerable regions of the world. Kim says “this evidence will be used in Copenhagen to help urge the international governments to take action to save planet Earth”.

As well as raising awareness about the impact of climate change, Kim says “he also hopes to promote sustainable solutions to the environmental crisis”. The focus is behavior change - regardless of whether an agreement is met to reduce the required carbon emissions the Ride Planet Earth Project reinforces the power of individual action. There is a belief that humans can individually make a change and help to reduce emissions - even if that’s simply choosing to ride a bicycle to work instead of driving a car.

On the 6th of December participants of the Ride Planet Earth Challenge will be recording video messages to send to the COP15, stating not only why action is necessary, but also what they will be doing about it personally, to show that if governments don't take the lead ordinary people will. On this date Kim will also be riding into Copenhagen with a convoy of cyclists.  If you like to join him on this ride, or any of the other rides occurring around the globe or even start your own ride here in Helsinki visit www.rideplanetearth.com.

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Jenni2009-12-05 12:48:07
Wow! What a fantastic idea for a great cause.

Emanuel Paparella2009-12-05 13:09:35

It is all well and good that we raise the consciousness of the responsibility toward our planet. However, given that the human species has came very close to extinction at least four or five times, that we know of, and not for its own moral choice but for purely natural catastrophes; that phenomenon needs to be pondered too and is indeed complementary to the above reflections. Open the link above for an illustration of what I mean. The reflection there begins by asking the question: were humanity be confronted with another natural catastrophe, which single book would you save? You’d be surprised at the answer the author gives. In any case, the piece from the Metanexus Think Tank is worth pondering.

Olivia2009-12-08 22:06:16
That is an impressive effort. Nice work Kim!

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