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Unconditional love
by F. A. Hutchison
Issue 12
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Sex! Three letters, 'S-E-X!' These three letters get more than their share of attention! We think we understand the meaning of these three letters, the word 'sex,' but what about its companion, the word, 'sexuality?' What about this concept, the word in this form?

Ask yourself, as I did… What do you think of when you hear the word, 'sexuality?'

I immediately thought of 'sexual in all of its manifestations, including the expression thereof!'

The dictionary says, 'The condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex. Concern with an interest in sexual activity. Sexual characteristics or potency.'

What a mystery we make of this thing called 'sexuality,' in all of its conceived forms, when in fact there's no mystery at all. We, the human race, create it as such! Why? It sells, for one thing! But, there's a much greater purpose (which only a few understand)!

Remember we live in an age when money (the consuming power it brings) has become 'God!' One has only to be in China in 2006, where capitalism is bursting forth to understand this… There are unclad women in every media, getting men's attention, when other icons don't. Thus, the men read the accompanying message, and more often times than not, 'buy!' Of course, this is not a new phenomena, and exists everywhere in the world! But, unheard of in Chinese history, coeds at a University in Xi'an (home of the Terracotta soldiers) are now posing in the nude! Why? Expression! Attention! Sexuality in one of its manifestations.

The zeitgeist is illustrated by a 'Hollywood' movie about two gay cowboys, and directed by a Chinese man (Ang Lee). Lee won ''Best Director,' for this effort at the Golden Globe Awards recently! Wow! Forty, thirty, even twenty years ago that would have been impossible! In addition, movies about transsexuals are also winning awards! What do you suppose this means? 'Oh, the times they are a changin'!'(Bob Dylan) 'Life is modern!' reads the 'Chinglish' in a Shanghai Ad.

We're coming out of a church-controlled, 'Puritan' age (the 'Age of Pisces')! The Conservative movement in the U.S. is the last attempt to hold onto safe stereotypes: the nuclear family! In China the capitalistic economic system is breaking down the mores of the past-practically 'anything goes,' now as long as it's profitable! I say 'practically,' as some things in China, as well as the U.S., are still 'taboo!'

However, whether 'they' like it or not, the 'sexes' are 'merging' figuratively, as well as, literally, and literally, as well as figuratively! Men are becoming woman and vice versa! A recent example, a female author, Norah Vincent, just spent a year disguised as a 'man,' to write a book about what it's like to be male, this entitled, 'Self-Made Man!' Women are interested in what it's like to be male, and men are becoming more interested in what it's like being female! We're evolving as a species, as is necessary! We're coming together! Shakespeare said it 400 years ago:

"Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your valentine!

Then he rose and donn'd his clothes, >
And dupp'd the chamber door,>
Let in the maid, that out a maid,>
Never departed more!"

The age of male dominance is beginning to end (thank God!). One has only to read, 'The Da Vinci Code,' a bestseller by the way, to understand this! That the ultimate is 'hieros gamos (1),' the sacred union of compassion (male) and wisdom (female)! Note, 'my' chant: 'We're coming together! Everything and everybody, everywhere! We're coming together!' (2)

If the 'sin' of the 'Garden of Eden' was 'separation' (ego consciousness symbolized by eating an apple from the tree of knowledge), then the 'solution' is 'hieros gamos!' 'Coming' together! God is the Divine Union of compassion (male) and wisdom (female)! Yet, so much beyond… In fact, beyond words… But, in words our idea a 'never-ending orgasm!'

I've often asked myself the reason for such 'separation:' ego consciousness born in the 'Garden?' This is something 'I've' since answered (3): That, we couldn't know 'God,' without such ego consciousness (animals don't have, thus don't know). That we had to go to the bottom of the 'well of knowledge,' which ego consciousness (separation) brought, to get out of it ('hell'), and to the highest, 'heaven:' the union of wo/man (human) with God (spirit)!

And what does 'sexuality' have to do with this…? It is both the 'evil' and the 'good' ('thing') that makes such possible! We cheapen it of course, by using it to manipulate the unconscious for money! But, in Duality (the existence we 'live' in), there's no 'good' without 'bad!' No 'heaven' without 'hell!' No union without male and female. There is no Divine Union without male (compassion) and female (wisdom)! And none of this without the concept of 'sexuality!' Note: the "Garden of Eden 'sin'" was 'necessary' in terms of evolution.

'Sexuality,' is just a word, yet 'words' are what creates our 'reality!' It's what we do with the idea/concept ( the energy) that is important! 'Sexuality' is what's getting us to God consciousness (the union of compassion and wisdom): unconditional love!

Of course, out of fear of losing control (money/power) the male-dominated church, for thousands of years, has buried the idea!(4) Unfortunately for them (fortunately for wo/mankind), this is an idea whose time has 'come!' There's no stopping evolution! This is the 'Age of Aquarius!'

'We're coming together! Everything and everybody, everywhere! We're coming together!' It's just a matter of time!

Thank God for 'sexuality,' for it brings, ultimately, unconditional love!

'Here's to unconditional love,>
Beyond all feeling,>
One in the same!>
Here's to allowing and sharing,>
Flowing back and forth,>
Until we are lost in each other,>
Not knowing>
Which is which,>
But, not really caring!' (5)

Copyright 2006>
F.A. Hutchison>
Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China>
984 words

1 - Image in photograph included.>
2 - This from 'our' own book of poetry entitled, 'The Divine Lover and Spiritual Intercourse!' >
3 - 'I' no longer think of 'myself,' as just 'one' thing, but of at least 'two!' Thus, now when writing, if it doesn't confuse the reader, 'I' use the plural pronoun, 'we!' Certainly, the trick in life is to get beyond 'I' (ego consciousness')!>
4 - 'We' recommend you read 'The Da Vinci Code,' by Dan Brown if you haven't.>
5 - Our daily chant!
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