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Babri Masjid
by Tahir Khan
2009-12-06 10:34:20
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The demolition of Babri Masjid is one of the incident which showed the level of corruption in Indian politics and judiciary.  It’s also shows politicians willpower and personal interest is above the law.

madir01The Babri Masjid incidence was took place in 6/12/1992.  In presence of prominent political figures, religion leaders and armed forces Babri Masjid was demolished by the Hindu terrorist in day light.

This whole issue based on birth place of the lord ram.  This issues was cashed by other political party also in the past but BJP, one of the fanatic group played leading role in this whole incident, who claimed Babri Masjid was built on the place where ram was born but unfortunately they did not able to produced any proof for his claim.  Prof. B.B.Lal, former Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India provided some clues on it and said that this is baseless to say Babri Masjid was build on ram temple and presence of few pillars or stones of Hindu sculpture on the Babri Masjid site doesn’t mean that ram temple was there and another question arise related with this issue does ram was really exist?.  In reality ram was a hypothetical character same like millions of Hindu gods and goddess.

Before the demolition of Babri Masjid certain political and religion leaders ignite the emotions of the people on the basis of distorted historical facts and in coward way they demolished the Babri Masjid and hostile the whole nation and constitution.

RSS, who itself claimed ram was a hypothetical character in the past designed the whole demolition plan.  Another organization VHP collect funds from foreign resources and made issue international.  BJP had been played prominent role on the national level and through the mass campaigning with emotional slogans mobilise the masses on the basis of spread hatred against Muslims and glorify the ram.

After the demolition of Babri Masjid, riots were spread all over the country and both communities were attacked each.  Just after the incidence BJP gained power because they were succeed in polarizing the two communities under the name of religion.  But later BJP drop the issue of building the ram temple and at present ram statue is still worshipping under the tent on the demolished site.

Later government appointed Liberhan commission for pinpoint the culprits.  Commission exposed the culprits name with evidence but after 17 years nothing happened and culprits still moving freely.

There are certain objectives achieved by the political parties after the Babri Masjid incident these are demoralize Muslims by destroying their worship place, branded Muslims as terrorist and succeed in polarize the two communities for political milage.

But few things still unanswered.

Does it okay to side line one community and branded as terrorist in name of religion.

What happened when political parties and politician gone against the constitution and laws.

Does it feel sensible to punish the present on the basis of past.

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Naveen2010-09-17 04:05:30
wait few more days truth will come out, verdict is coming out, muslim rulers have destroyed not just one temple, they have done it across all towns in ajmer, in delhi, in kashmir everywhere to force their religion. dont scream when u cant get to the truth.. any religion that started with disrespect of other faiths can never get respect for itself.

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