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But ...seriously!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-29 06:41:09
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The financial events in Dubai proved one more time that our crisis is not only financial, apparently finance might be the top of the iceberg; our real crisis is lack of transparency and it doesn’t matter how much Gordon Brown is pressing the Afghan president as long there will be no transparency in that poor nation, there will be no improvement and Bin Ladens will always find a place to settler.

But things in the Arabian golf are far worst, a royal tree with thousands of branches that is deep into a swamp of corruption they created themselves. That’s the reality and now the result is obvious to all the world who invested in this transparency. But don’t stop in the financial parts of this lack of transparency. For how long the families that rule the region think that the people will stay quiet and if they can rebel against the dictators of Teheran perhaps the royals of Saudi are the next. And at the moment all the dictators of the Middle East have found settler under the umbrella of the Koran but is not going to take long before the people actually realize that the first to sin and paraphrase the holy book is their own leaderships and then confiscating a Nobel Peace Prize won’t be enough!

The same time all the world starts looking towards Copenhagen where the world’s leadership will meet to take decisions about the environment and recover after the lost battle of the Kyoto. Because we like it or not Kyoto protocol failed not because it wasn’t good enough but it was destine to fail from the minute it was signed from the main responsible for the environmental problems and the rest who actually signed it like children didn’t act enough with the excuse if not them why us! The amazing thing is that when the world’s leadership met in Kyoto and seriously talked about the environmental problems, these problems were at that moment barely visual and there were even scientists opposing the results of researches.

Today with Kyoto protocol looking like a corpse we have all the visual proves - tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes, climate change, temperature rise and most importantly thousands of lives lost – with the scientists agreeing that the disaster is coming and we are already late in our reaction the politicians are thinking how much the decisions will coast them to their political future. This is not just amazingly sad is a disaster and embarrassing since we are talking about the survival of our kids and our grandkids and our responsibility to give them a better future.

But while we should worry about our kids it seems that others have more contemporary problems, the new European leadership seems to be the same spineless with the last one with the main faces changing but the rest remaining the same making me somehow worrying especially after I read that Barroso expressed his …satisfaction! The king is dead, long live the king! I didn’t mind with the fact that the new leadership is not so …popular or represented form internationally recognized personas. After all the European commission and presidency is not …”I’m a celebrity, let me out of here” but an institution with a certain and very important mission and perhaps what it need now is good workers who will give back to the commission its lost dignity.

As far something I keep hearing lately, how Hillary will pick up the phone and call Mrs. Unknown Ashton the answer is, how the hell Baroness Ashton will pick up the phone and call Mr. Cheated Bill Clinton! And who knew Barrack Obama only four years ago and the little we knew about him it was the socialist black in Chicago, that’s how far our knowledge was going regarding today’s American president. This commission has a lot of work beyond titles and public PR and we better watch them closely because we don’t need another Barroso screw ups!

The democracy of Cyprus has warned the other member states of the EU that they might veto the continuation of talks with Turkey since the candidate country hasn’t fulfilled yet one of their main obligations to open ports and airports to the only representatives of the Cyprus Democracy. Well seen the name of Stefan Fuele from the Czech Republic as the new commissioner for the enlargement I think it’s better if the Turks change their attitude fast otherwise they might see their optimism crashing.

Another interesting post it is the one of the Economic and Monetary Affairs which gone to the Finn Mr. Olli Rehn, the former responsible for the EU enlargement. Mr. Rehn with his last service proved that except the slow motion button there is the extreme slow motion button in the EU commission and becoming the traffic controller between the German and the French banks in their communication with the UK banks might be the best job for his …motionless abilities.

However checking for any new poems in Mr. Van Rompuy’s site, the new President of the Union, I was disappointed to find absolutely nothing but let’s hope that this is going to change in the months to come! After all a bit of surrealism is what probably missing from the EU especially after Berlusconi became so predictable and boring.

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