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Wintry Pleasures
by David Barger
2017-02-17 10:42:27
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    Snow is falling
wint01_400Leaving the trees in patches of white.
Standing there with a naked vulnerability
Your eyes kiss me,
And your smile embraces
With an alluring attraction.

    The warmth of this room
Keeps the cold at bay,
And the heavens continue to open
Allowing frozen particles to dance
Between the winds and the earth.

    Still, here we are aligning ourselves
With the blankets of flirtation,
And playing with the idea
Of wintry pleasures.

    Your touch is kind to this aging body,
And I am aware of the absolution
In which our thoughts are directed.
I find closure to the building snow,
As your hands speak softly
Causing submissiveness
Slowly to form around my lips. 



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