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A Peace Nobel Prize in Iran's conflict
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-27 07:51:11
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Iran, its dictators and the puppet president have more than often provoked the international community from the very beginning of their “revolution’s” establishment but this time they crossed the line even with the last that hoped that there is a way to talk with this regime. This time provoking was not enough so they moved it one step – giant step – further turning the provocation into an insult to the international community by confiscating the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to human rights campaigner, Shirin Ebadi.

According to information coming from the Norwegian foreign ministry, Ebadi’s gold Nobel medal, the award diploma and some personal items have been removed from her bank box leaving the international community in shock and great concern over Ebadi’s well being. It is already known that her husband has been arrested in Teheran and severely beaten. Of course the spokesman of the Iranian government was …not available!

But when it comes to the international community and human rights it seems that the whole Iranian regime is not available the last few years and the arrests, the torturing and the murdering through pathetic courts is not something new in Iran and it didn’t start after the last elections and the demonstrations. It has started since the beginning of the “revolution” and it has always been with us or against us with against us meaning all the above. Apparently I have been always wandering, Saddam was accused for genocide against his people because using chemical weapons he killed hundreds. How you call the Iranian regime that has killed hundreds using injustice courts that definitely smell like lethal chemicals?

Beyond nuclear power plans, enriched uranium, weapons of mash distraction and dreams for expanding in the neighbourhood, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s hysterics and anti-Semitism, I think what happens with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi is the thing that crossed the line and this is what will persuade even the most sceptics that there is something seriously wrong in this country. And I have to admit that I always been fascinated with how people react to different thing. For example they all think, give them another chance even though we are talking about nuclear bombs but when it comes to a Nobel Prize people really get angry. Is like with this move they lost their PR game!

Mrs. Shirin Ebadi’s life in Iran hasn’t been easy far before she was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize and it was very brave of her to return to Teheran after her awarding knowing what was waiting her, a regime that had put her in its black list looking for a chance to give an end to her activities and perhaps an …accidental death – this short of regimes have a talent in accidental deaths! But with returning to Iran Mrs. Shirin Ebadi proved how much she loves and cares for her country and now is up to the rest of the international community to prove what really means human rights for them. A defender of human rights is a victim this minute and it is not only her but all her family.

I think in their arrogance the Iranian regime doesn’t expect the reaction coming from all sides with their last insulting act and that the only thing they manage to do is create another martyr for the opposition and give legitimacy to the opposition internationally – not that they were lacking it, and the opposition found another cause to take the streets with stronger demonstrations – not that they didn’t have enough causes and martyrs already.


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Asa2009-11-27 12:38:31

Emanuel Paparella2009-11-27 15:34:17
According to the Sidney Morning Herald of this morning and other newspapers around the world, Iran, feeling the world’s censure, is now denying the confiscation claiming that it has nothing to do with human rights but with legal matters: with taxes owned the Iranian government (some $400,000 on a 1.3 million dollar Nobel award). The fact is that there is no such law except in the fantasy of the fanatical theocrats who now rule Iran. Should we be surprised? Not really: thievery and lying are usually found together. What is surprising, however, is the continued toleration of an outlaw international bully by the democracies of the world. Echoes of Hitler? The new generations don’t even know who Hitler was, never mind the historical lessons to be pondered there. That means, unfortunately, that history may end up repeating itself.

Jack2009-11-27 23:18:43

How sad and the very nation that seems to be the most in need of these type of individual. Not fair at all. Not even close. Thank you Thanos. Well done.

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