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The Platonic Shutter
by Isa Silva
2009-11-20 10:04:48
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Isa Silva was born in 1987, and is finally of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal. Drinking from the cinematographic origins and their atmospheres, an androgynous and fragile vision of the world is pretend the capture of an essence and of an abandoned atmosphere by the weight of the world’s envelope. Enlightening essential fragments for a druidal search for the essence that reveals and irradiates a state, a musical expression of the subtle and the serene, of the arduous and the yearnings of the soul that is closed in shadows and enlightened simultaneously.






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Alan2009-11-20 18:30:12
nice work. Sad but really nice

Eva2009-11-20 19:22:31

Thanos2009-11-21 11:35:12
Great work

ap2009-11-26 03:34:16
linda rapariga, continua.

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