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The Kyoto road to Copenhagen
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-16 07:39:45
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Barack Obama acknowledged that time has run out to secure a binding climate deal at Copenhagen and somehow I was relieved to see at least one of the world’s leaders admitted somehow their failure in the environmental issues and apparently going straight to the essence of the problem admitting that is all a case of political decision. And the same time how sad it is admitting the failure of a summit before it even started. And please don’t remind me the Kyoto Protocol because 12 years after the leaders of this world and the main responsible for the climate change still thinking

Well not all the leaders since USA for example, the country that is responsible for 31.9% of the world’s emission levels refuses to sign. So what Barrack Obama is going to say in Copenhagen? That he’s going to sign the protocol? But it’s too late! I’m sorry but it is too late. Last week I couldn’t believe my own eyes reading in the news and seen photos of an iceberg in the shores of Australia with headlines that there is no global worming is just environmental freaks stories and the prove was that there was an iceberg and nobody wander what the hell that iceberg was doing in the shores of Australia and what other prove we need on how dangerous the global warming has become.

How many more tsunamis, floods, fires do we need to realize that what was a prediction two decades ago it is a fact now and why we keep forgetting that the results of the global warming have changed dramatically the last decade. The Kyoto Protocol it was a compromise between the need for an environmental change and political interests at the time. What remained were the politics and the individual agendas and when we see an iceberg this time of the year in the shores of Australia should worry us more.

In a few weeks the leaders of the world are going to meet in Copenhagen to talk about what? Are they going to admit their failure? And what’s the difference if Tanzania or Afghanistan – the names are just examples – will declare their successful emission reduction and countries like China or USA will keep their mouths shut. China is the second biggest emissions producer but lately they decided to declare that they are going to support the environmental measures. Perhaps they saw more villages destroyed and more areas flooding from what they had calculated otherwise nothing else can explain their change. As far the USA, well Ms Palin just published her book where except bitching about the man who chosen her for running mate and his team she doesn’t stop promoting her position on drilling Alaska and the amazing thing is not that Sarah Palin says that but that there are many who support her ideas.

The amazing thing about the world’s leaders and here I definitely include Barrack Obama days before the Copenhagen summit they started already talking about …realistic solution comfortable in their illusions. A few years ago I wrote an article where I explained that in the future we are going to see more and more environmental terrorist acts and organizations and unfortunately that believe comes stronger nowadays. When you see the environment destroyed and the ones responsible doing nothing sentencing our kids to a doomed world it is natural that some will react and this reaction will be bad, really bad and scary.

Everybody should have signed the Kyoto protocol twelve years ago and everybody should have done something the next morning. Unfortunately everything started and ended in the conversation rooms and the whole thing expended in endless objections and arguments and now they are going to meet, to do what? Talk about the Kyoto Protocol, baptise it the Copenhagen Treaty and then continue what they are doing so well, don’t upset the industry that funds their elections! That’s why the decision is political and they don’t dare to take it! Because they know that if they act they will never let them elect again and this damn seat is so important!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-11-16 10:16:05
Indeed, we keep rearranging the furniture on the Titanic while the iceberg float silently and ominously nearby. When historians, assuming there will still be a history, look back at the abysmal failure of the world’s political leaders to prevent an environmental global catastrophe, they will conclude that the “real politik” business as usual approach exhibited in their summits made the meetings of the mafia crime syndicate look like a picnic.

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