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YLE's boss half truths
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-12 07:54:48
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From the very beginning I found my self living in Finland I have problems with YLE, the Finnish National Radio Television and this has nothing to do with my linguistic problems and my poor understanding of the Finish or the Swedish language, the official languages; but with the quality of the services the organization offers and apparently I’m forced to pay like everybody who lives in this country and owns a television set.

And yesterday the organization’s CEO, Mikael Junger announced cut offs starting naturally with YLE’s employees adding the need of at least 300 cut-offs a year targeting to bring the workforce down to 3000 by the year 2012. Reading about it in the YLE site – after reading blogs and other news agencies – and motivated from other similar organizations internationally I was wandering if he is going to cut off his and YLE senior staff’s, advisors and consultants bonuses but I suppose this is another story, most likely painful and to Mr. Junger’s usual attitude …populist and tabloid behaviour!

But returning to what YLE offers at the moment, I suppose programs like “the little house on the prairie” are a significant addition to Finnish culture and the children’s programs make BBC of 60s pale! You see all that excuses the money spend and where all the state funds to YLE are going to. Of course there is YLE THEME where a few months ago I watched a series of documentaries that I had seen in a replay two decades before in BBC and I’m not going to say anything about the internet service in English; it is definitely a good motivation to learn Finnish or Swedish hoping that one of the other news agencies or news-blogs might give you an idea on what’s going on in this country.

The rest of the programs, talking shows and reality shows are an imitation to American similar programs but I suppose this is a general illness in Finnish television with a good difference, I don’t have to pay the private channels, and in theory the adverts pay their cost. But here is another trick regarding YLE there is no advertisement but oddly they do have advertising time before and after every single show and they are using it for internal reasons promoting programs or internal agendas and they keep that religiously.

But apart the failure of services what makes me angry is more angry is the inefficiency, the poor excuses, the readiness to undermine the reality and the easiness to say half truths in an effect to manipulate the people who actually pay for this services. Mr. Junger blamed as it is commonly used lately by all the companies and organizations the international economic crisis and recession for everything missing intentionally to mention the government’s and his responsibility. When a state organization funded unsparingly from the state and from the people with a constantly increasing fee fails it is because bad managing, wrong investing and lack of planning. And in this last bit, bad planning is where most of the half truths are coming.

Mr. Junger correctly pointed the significant of the year 2012, but he forgot to say the reasoning and the background. In the year 2012 the earth is not going to be destroyed as the latest Hollywood film is declaring but the new force in information and entertainment is going to come in full force in Europe changing everything. Internet is going to be wireless and free all around EU and most of the European cities are already moving to that direction. The same time internet is preparing for the big day, sites that were static have become very energetic including in their services entertaining programs and many productions have already turned from television to the internet.

Nowadays you can already watch your favourite programs online with minimum coast and definitely get the news much faster and in more detail than any YLE. Actually news-blogs have become the best resource for all the news agencies. And the revolution of the internet is expanding to the music industry, to the film industry, even to the mobile telephone industry will change and Apple with the latest i-phones has shown how the future looks like.

Big networks like ABC have started moving already with putting online programs – you can use them only if you live in USA at the moment – and Deutsche Welle has already publicly announced the future moves that put a lot of weight in internet. In Finland? Well in Finland YLE’s boss follows the good old formula, keep the people in the dark, try to find ways to manipulate them so we will not lose our financial privileges and blame everything in the international crisis! In the meantime 300 people are going to lose their jobs and unfortunately this is the whole true!

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Excellent article2010-01-27 10:11:14
Thank you for writing such a good article. YLE has certain problems. YLE is vast and throwing away money in way that is impossible to comprehend.

However, many American TV-networks are restricting acces to their tv-shows.
So what is the future of the net broadcasting? It's as dark as the middle age if all corporations protect their content. It is the individuals
who try to break the borders of net publishing with groups.

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