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A Chavez with persecution mania
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-11 09:28:54
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Perhaps it is just me but I always had my doubts with the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, he was somehow too good to be true and the same time to crazy to trust. He has the theory alright, I mean the man definitely wants to be remembered as the new Castro, the revolutionary, the reformer, the man of the people and some of the things he has done without a doubt have helped people not only in Venezuela but all south America – especially the way and with the prices he gives the national oil to poor neighbours.

But the same time has Venezuela become a self-contained state that guarantees equality and prosperity to its citizens? Well according to the news and the blog that report from Venezuela little has change for the poor people apart from their entertainment since the Venezuelan president often appears live on television giving real active shows where he answers to telephone calls and starts talking with the participants.

Fidel Castro was and perhaps still is a global revolution icon, a man that stood to a ruthless regime that had sold the country even to mafia and with his poor resources he won giving back to the Cuban people at least their dignity. What happened since he won till today is another story all together and perhaps all his acts are excused in his mind in a very romantic way. However the People’s Republic he thought he created turned into a dictatorship that still suppressed the people of Cuba and the bureaucratic regime he established soon became a tyrant to the simple people. But even though people want to get rid of the regime they still think of Fidel as the all-time revolutionary and despite their hate to his regime including his brother, Fidel Castro remains a popular icon even outside Cuba.

Hugo Chavez from the other side can be described mildly as …unique or as psychotic and his latest announcements and moves against Colombia proving nothing else. Having persecution mania, seen enemies everywhere and especially his favourite enemies, the Americans; the man is leading Venezuela to a very dangerous path. By saying that the best way to avoid a war with Colombia is to prepare for a war is like he’s actually pointing the gun and putting the finger on the trigger.

And all that starts because Chavez thinks that the American forces in Colombia are there conspiring against him and planning an invasion. That sounds more or less schizophrenic! And a war between Venezuela and Colombia can lead to a real mess in South America gradually involving everybody plus USA.

The same time as I said before nothing seems to improve inside Venezuela and for somebody who has nationalize all the main industries of the country with the argument that the profits should go to the people the only industry that seems to shine is the cosmetic surgeries one with customers from all  around the world. The same time the country anything than self-contained seems with the dramatic 37.9% of the population living under the levels of poverty. Amazing number for an oil producer country that exports oil in half price in an attempt to help …the poor neighbours! And we must remember that this 37.9% is estimation since Venezuela hasn’t got the right organization to give precise numbers and as the UN correctly points, definitions of poverty vary considerably among nations. For example, rich nations generally employ more generous standards of poverty than poor nations.

So let’s hope that Hugo will soon decide to do something with his persecution mania and not create a Middle West problem equal in trouble with the Middle East problems! 

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