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Some thoughts about UN and Zimbabwe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-10 10:30:35
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The other day browsing the news I somehow felt how thin is the line that can transform you from somebody seeking for peace and equality to a total war vulture and I have to admit that the thought really scared me and reminded me how many crimes have happened in the name of peace. What triggered these thoughts was the latest news from Zimbabwe and a survey that shown the unbelievable numbers of children suffering sexual abuses.

That made me angry and I actually wished that the United Nations could at last do their job and send army there, take over, put Mugabe and his cronies in prison for good and then stay there to make sure that the country was returning to a normal life and democracy where people would have equal opportunities and justice. After thinking about that and how it could be done for some time I realized that my thoughts were not very far from what had caused the invasion to Iraq …ok, minor the oil but I presume thoughts like that had crossed the minds of the decision makers before invading Iraq and go after Saddam. But the thought of turning the UN into an invasion army ready for everything in the name of peace it was embarrassing at least for me and what I stand for.

But the same time standing there, knowing and just watching without doing anything what happens in Zimbabwe is equally embarrassing, especially after knowing that everything else has failed; because it is obvious by now that the unity experiment is failing. What is not failing is the fact the Africa’s caricature Hitler is still the ruler of the country, that his cronies continue unpunished their crimes and that the Zimbabwean people continue die, suffering and tortured.

Lately I often dig from my past – it must have to do with aging – but somehow I remembered Romania back in early 70s and the dictator Ceausescu.  Ceausescu that period in Balkans enjoyed the reputation of a liberator, the one who could go against east and west, who had created the dream independent country that could stand alone without needing any of the big powers and despite their effects to take over his country he could keep them in distance and take the best from both of them, Romania was somehow the real workers’ land. Or at least that’s what a lot thought. In early 70s Ceausescu opened the Romanian universities to foreigners seeking for foreign exchange, mainly dollars; offering degrees but definitely not education. So a lot of Greeks tried to get a degree in Romania and a lot of them got a wife or a husband. None of them got any education but this is a different story!

And with those husbands and wives the truth was unveiled and suddenly we found out that for example there was no unemployment in Romania because Ceausescu was making everybody working …four hours a week, so Romania was showing in the international organizations zero unemployment. We found out that people could exchange whatever you wanted for a packet of spaghetti and that western cigarette was the strongest exchange. Later we found out about the true life of the Romanian people and it was closer to hell than any paradise. Nadia Comaneci’s stories came in the end to fill the gaps about a totally corrupted regime, a gang of criminals that was leading a nation to a slow death.

And I suppose from this story you can see the similarities with Zimbabwe. Amazingly Robert Mugabe has the reputation of a liberator and a revolutionary among his neighbour African countries and for a lot in the west he looks like the man who’s going against the superpowers. The bitter true is that just like Ceausescu; Robert Mugabe is a schizophrenic tyrant who leads Zimbabwe to dramatic end. But this time it must be something we can do to stop this man of murdering more people. The UN’s role is not to invade countries and definitely not to occupy lands but it is part of its job description to stop people like Mugabe of continuing their crimes and as I have said before Mugabe has crossed the limits ling time now, is not anymore that he’s doing crimes against the Zimbabwean people, now Robert Mugabe is doing crimes against humanity!

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