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The Fall of Berlin Wall 20th anniversary
by Ilaria Tagliaferri.
2009-11-09 10:06:43
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A chance to make a change


Built in the year 1961 by the German Democratic Republic the Berlin Wall has been one of the most emblematic symbols of isolation and discrimination on the base of political colours that the 20th century has ever known.

The Wall was erected at first to separate the area of the city controlled by USSR in order to block the commercial relationships between Berlin, controlled at the time by four different countries: USA, Great Britain and France on the Western Europe side controlling West Berlin and USSR controlling Est Berlin. The Wall was also meant to evidence the impossibilities to reach an agreement between USA and USSR and so to amplify the social and cultural effect of the Iron Curtain. Behind the Wall a Death Strip was settled so that every person who tried to climb over the barrier was immediately shot by military forces controlling the efficiency of the border.

After 28 years of physical and social isolation the Wall was finally crossed during a Revolutionary Wave in the 9th of February 1989, and destroyed during the following weeks. The Fall of Berlin Wall it’s considered so far one of the most important historical happenings in the world’s history since it symbolize the chance that Developed Countries gave to peace and tolerance to exist and a renewed will to build relationships based on mutual respect, even between countries and people from different political colors or different races and cultures.

berlin06_400Although the goal reached by the coming down of Berlin Wall was of extreme importance for the civilized world the matter is still very actual even in the 21st century. The existence of wars spreading in the whole world, racial discrimination still eradicated in all the cultures around EU and USA and the consequential though that the own culture and country is somehow above the others are the demonstration that human beings still have a lot of work to do in order to reach a concrete and stable peace, a tolerance based on facts and not only on ideas and nice speeches. The conflicts spreading around the globe, intolerance still existing between white and black people in USA, the discrimination of immigrants are only a part of the tension still existing between nations, but the difference between Cold War and 21st century is that nowadays people have the knowledge of what hatred can cause but they’re pretending to be better than before by hiding their true feelings and problems behind a new and dangerous curtain: the indifference one.

While before knowing what happened all around the world was difficult because of a lack of communication and media, nowadays people are just pretending that everything bad happening somewhere else, and sometimes even in their own country, is none of their business.

Responsibility is definitely one of the values that humans should learn in this new historical period made of contrasts, contradictions and hypocrisy in order to avoid the repeating of past’s mistakes and to overcome the most resistant walls: the ideal ones.


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