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How Bizarre!!!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-08 09:50:22
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Challenging a lamppost to a fight

A 22-year-old man challenged a lamppost to fight after he was ignored by passers-by in the street. Drunken David Robinson turned on the innocent streetlight after a number of walkers ignored his pleas to engage him in a stand-up bizzare01_400fight.

As police officers watched, Robinson directed his anger at the lamppost and shouted at it to "come and have a go." The bizarre incident was recounted at Perth Sheriff Court, where Robinson admitted breaching the peace and was ordered to carry out 80 hours community service.

The court was told that the police were on patrol in the early hours of the morning when they spotted Robinson shouting and swearing at passers-by. He challenged a passing stranger to a fight and it was clear to the officers as they got closer that Robinson was heavily under the influence of alcohol. Fiscal depute Stuart Richardson told the court: "He must have been very drunk because when he ran out of passers-by he began to shout at the lampposts, similarly challenging them to 'have a go'."

Robinson - who was stumbling around unsteadily - continued by berating the officers and asking them to fight before he was arrested and detained.


Α rabbit-munching eagle to police

bizzare02_01An insatiable eagle has been reported to the police after it attacked and killed a little girl's pet rabbit in a garden on the island of Väddö in the Stockholm archipelago. The girl was inconsolable after the sea eagle -- the largest eagle in Europe -- swooped, killed and ate her pet rabbit on the night of October 24th.

Suffering at the sight of his tearful daughter, the girl's father picked up the phone and reported the incident with the airborne predator to the police, newspaper Norrtelje Tidning reports.

The police however have decided not to launch a preliminary investigation as they were unable to find anything in the law books allowing for the indictment of large birds.


bizzare03_400_01Testing airplane’s emergency chute

An airline passenger who opened a rear exit and slid down an emergency chute as the plane prepared for take off said he wanted to see if the safety systems were working.

Moreno Tavares Lizason jumped from the Athens-bound Cyprus Airways A320 jet in Cyprus moments after the captain ordered the crew to lock the aircraft doors.

He then climbed a perimeter fence at Larnaca International Airport, before police caught up with


Teletubby commits robbery
Halloween took a bizarre and frightening turn in London when a man dressed as a Teletubby robbed a woman at gunpoint. London police say the gun-toting Teletubby confronted the woman just after midnight and demanded cash. The woman, in her 20s, gave money to the robber.

The woman wasn't injured but her misfortune wasn't hers alone. A second man dressed in costume was later stopped in the area by police and questioned -- but police had the wrong Teletubby.

The woman said the man who robbed her was between 6 foot 2 and 6 foot 4, 200 to 240 pounds and had a muscular build, short, dark hair and was clean shaven.

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