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Swiss cheese and the Lisbon Treaty
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-05 08:08:07
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The British leader of the conservative party David Cameron with his usual pompous style imitating something between Winston Churchill, a cardinal and a clown announced that “never again” to powers being transferred from the UK to Brussels without referendum. And he was saying that after Gordon Brown, the British Labour Prime minister signed publicly the Lisbon Treaty that after the end of the Czech acceptance or compromise or whatever else happened, is coming in full force on 1st of December.

David Cameron is playing the nation card despondent to attract some of the euro-sceptics and the usual nationalistic trash worrying that despite Gordon Brown’s disapproval from the public he is not going to just take the next election but he’s endangering to see the labour continue ruling Britain. David Cameron is not a euro-sceptic on the contrary he has said it a lot of times in the past how supportive he is to the European integration and the majority of the Tories believe the same, he is just the usual populist who thinks that he will become Prime Minister reminding the British people the good old days when the British empire was ruling.

The schizophrenic thing is that just a week ago Davie was warning everybody that this was the end, with signing the treaty Gordon Brown was handing Britain to the Brussels’ bureaucrats and there was still time to call for a referendum. Gordon Brown didn’t call for a referendum so according to all the things Davie said it is over. From now on everything from all the European states has been handed to the Brussels’ bureaucrats, so why pompous Davie is talking about “never again”?

Apparently Davie is right, the treaty is signed and in theory sometime in December we will have a European President with all the powers mentioned in the treaty and we will have a coordinator for the foreign affairs and stronger position than the one Solana had till now and everything in paper will change but in practice nothing will really change and pompous Davie will be able to “lock in the supremacy of the UK laws” just like Poland will be able to lock in the supremacy of the Polish laws, Bulgaria will be able to lock in the supremacy of the Bulgarian laws and the future partner the Tories want so much in EU, the Turks will be able to lock in their supremacy Turkish laws or better ignore all the EU laws!

The Lisbon Treaty is the biggest travesty the European States has ever signed and it is forcefully leading the union into a travesty future. As I have wrote in the past, what Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and his team created after five years hard work was a monster that tried to cover every single possibility and every single exception. It became so monstrous that nobody could be bother to read it and with so many boundaries that it was impossible to work.

And after that failed the leadership ignoring the will of the people manufactured the Frankenstein monster and called it Lisbon Treaty. As many holes regarding the EU citizens the constitution tried to cover so many holes the Lisbon Treaty opened. The Lisbon treaty actually looks like a Swiss cheese! And since it is so …transparent they need A persona to bring some balance and they found …tony Blair! By the way by whom I mean Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Merkel, Barroso …does that makes you feel safe as a European citizen?

Davie Cameron is a pompous miserable clown and if he will be elected he will prove to the British people that there is worse than Gordon Brown but in his ignorance and populist misery he shown that the Lisbon Treaty is a joke and instead of uniting Europe is actually helping the bureaucracy in Brussels to survive and rule because they do rule and that helps populists like Davie Cameron to survive.

And something for the historic truth; it was not the Tories that asked for a referendum but Tony Blair unexpectedly on April 2004 when everybody was still talking about a constitution! Another prove on how travesty this treaty is and how much it serves people like Tony Blair and Davie Cameron!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-11-05 12:00:32
One query: is there a distinction between a treaty and a constitution and if not, why was the name changed for constitution to treaty in the first place?

Thanos2009-11-05 15:15:48
That itself says a lot!

David Nutt2009-12-02 18:23:40
The inspiration:

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