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The Finnish green league of misery
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-11-02 07:56:03
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It is only weeks since in another article I mentioned how difficult it is and how it hurts to say … I told you! And here we come to say it again and this time I feel like writing it in bold capital letters since I said it again and again from Ovi magazine and other publications but this time it came an international organization WWF to point that the Finnish Greens have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with any environmental movement and their only motivation is personal political ambitions and only excuse fro existence in the Finnish political games is the ministerial seats.

Three years ago I wrote an article that included something that caused a lot of angry reaction, I was saying that I was thankful Petra Kelly, the founder and the inspiration of any Green party in the world was …dead and she could not see what they’ve done in Finland under the name the Green League. That’s the reality of a party that has become …family business the last two decades, that thinks that there is good and bad nuclear power, that actually supports the build of a nuclear power plan instead of talking alternative energy solutions, a Green party that actively supports the creation of a nuclear plan with a lot of doubts about its safety, a party that doesn’t care what all the nuclear waste buried in central north Finland will do to the Finnish people. But what do I know, I am a foreigner! Apparently that was the answer of a member of the green party when I pointed these things, I only live here!

And then a few years ago in an election panel when I asked the Green party’s candidate if they are going to do or at least say anything for the landmines that still exist in the Finnish-Russian boarders I got the answer …we are not going to say anything because it is a Finnish tradition! But what do I know; I’m just a foreigner here! And while the Finnish Green Party seems to be really active to whatever Keskusta wants - they gave them ministry seats in a collision government - they keep quiet as WWF Finland director Jari Luukkonen very correctly points to the rape of the Finnish land with untroubled gold digging and the destruction of Lapland’s nature with the expansion of hotels in areas that should be strictly protected. And yes I am a foreigner but Jari Luukkonen sounds like a Finnish name to me!

Of course there are people in the Finnish Green League with environmental conscious but if they haven’t still seen what is going on with their party then they are naïve and their conscious fast asleep. One of these people I believe it is the justice minister Tuija Brax, a person who probably has a green conscious but romantically believes that the only way to change the system is from inside. I hope now she has realized that the system has already dirty her hands and she might made the difference with a series of changes in the justice ministry and a series of laws but she can not keep a blind eye in the reality that her party is in coalition with the conservatives who represent everything she believes.

Perhaps Tuija Brax can make the difference by waking up, resigning from this odd partnership with the conservatives, return the thirty silver coins to a league that embarrasses ideas and practises and become the new leader the environmental movement needs in Finland. But then again even Tuija Brax might be too little for the damage these people have done to the environmental movement in this country. But this is my opinion and what do I know; I’m just a foreigner.

Petra Kelly has been an inspiration for me, I met her in Berlin and I was there in the first steps of the German green party. She was the first to point that environmental awareness is not only the forest and the bears but everything around us, in the forest and the cities, she was the first one who talked about the green economy and she was the first one who talked about an environmental future even in politics. But what did she know; she was also a foreigner!


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