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Ergonomics and wet flies
by Jane Eagle
2009-10-27 07:31:49
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Who missed me? Gather around. Wow! What a crowd of… friendly ghosts. Oh, me and my sarcasm!

You’re wondering what I’m going to talk about. Nothing much… I’d only like to comment on this beautiful idea applied to the men’s washrooms at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Look at this picture.

eagle01_400Obviously it is a urinal in a public restroom. And hmmm, a fly in it. Look closer... actually a fake fly in it, etched into the porcelain. Fact: if a man sees the fly in the urinal, he aims at it. Fly-in-urinal research found that etchings improve the aim, thus reduce spillage by 80%.

So a guy needs to wee wee, notices the fly and instantly his only though is “target identified, target identified, and pees on the poor insect.

Kim Vicente in his book, “The Human Factor”, quotes: “They don't even think about it, and they don't need to read a user's manual; it's just an instinctive reaction. The interesting feature of these urinals is that they're deliberately designed to take advantage of this inherent human male tendency.”

Predicting human nature is a wonderful job, don’t you think?

So, ladies –got sick of urine drops on the toilet seat? Save your marriage/relationship and just stick a bug in the toilet –he’s going to love it.

The epilogue to my short comeback is a dialogue I sketched this afternoon –hope you like it. Oh my God!! Please like it!! Hehe… It’s actually my first attempt of a caricature drawing. Comment to let me know what you think of… urinating and flies.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-27 12:26:09
Interesting bathroom philosophy witnessing to the fact that the more human nature changes the more it remains the same. I wonder how cave-man kept his aim straight, given that no philosophical explanations have been found on the caves’ walls. However the caves do contain some artistic treasures found in every textbook of the history of art. Picasso in the bathroom?

Eva2009-10-27 22:47:00
"Fly-in-urinal research", hahaha, excellent!

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