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Mugabe's power games
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-25 09:57:41
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I have to admit that I hate it when I’m forced to say …I told you and I know that it bothers the person who hears it but it really ...hurts the person who says it. Perhaps because usually is accompanied with bad news. And in this case the news are really bad and they have also a name, Robert Mugabe …again! I mean the man is only bad news!

Police in Zimbabwe have raided a house belonging to Prime Minster Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC party, saying they were searching for weapons. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was not the last time we heard something similar, arrests might follow or if that was not the first incident the last weeks were the security forces and the police did something that involved Tsvangirai's party. Every time Robert Mugabe will feel that Tsvangirai is trying to get a bit more power, every time he feels that Tsvangirai thinks that he is equal, Robert Mugabe will do something to remind him that there is no power sharing in Zimbabwe and the king is only one.

From the beginning this odd partnership started I said that there is only one way for Zimbabwe to stand up and the power sharing to succeed, if Robert Mugabe was in prison accompanied by all his criminal friends who lead the security forces and the army. As long the caricature Hitler of Africa controls those two elements nothing is going to change in Zimbabwe. Even Tsvangirai is nothing else than a hostage. Actually the whole country is a hostage to the notorious dictator.

And the worst is to come in Zimbabwe. I don’t think that Tsvangirai will be able to survive all the pressure and if we will not hear one day that he escaped to South Africa with accusations against Mugabe and his criminal gang because of all the compromises he has done the last period he will become one of the gang. Of course all in the name of the Zimbabwean people. And this is one “I told you”, I don’t want to say!

Tsvangirai should never fall for a unity government with the dictator, he should stand on his position for Mugabe to leave the country and leave behind him the criminal gang to face justice. Tsvangirai was not alone in that, he had the necessary international support and the South African government could help since Mbeki was out of the picture. Now Tsvangirai is risking even the international support he enjoyed because everybody is just thinking that they will find a way to negotiate and agree again, he has done already once. And he did it when he had certain advantages. Even the people of Zimbabwe starting losing their hopes to him and this is the worst thing for Tsvangirai.

In this power strangling game the last few weeks Tsvangirai seems to pulling out his party The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) accusing Robert Mugabe of oppressing political opponents and failing to implement last year's unity deal. But he’s doing so like a political game and it was natural the dictator to react the way he reacted. The next time he will “find” some weapons as well to make his story more believable and he will probably send some members of the MDC to the court with accusation for organizing his assassination and Tsvangirai will have to live with it and continue …negotiating!

As long Mugabe is free to play his games and he has the power Zimbabwe’s security forces and the army give him there will be no solution in Zimbabwe and Tsvangirai will be nothing more than an alibi for the monster and his criminal gang to continue their crimes against the Zimbabwean people.


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