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When it's not a technician who presses the button
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-22 07:12:58
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When you read that Iran is reaching a deal with the United Nations you can avoid remember the story with the little boy that cried wolf and smile with the new way the Iranian leadership found to delay the coming storm. The international Atomic Energy Agency’s director Mohamed ElBaradei seemed full of hope and in theory the world should take a deep breathe!

Actually Mr. ElBaradei said, "Everybody at the meeting was trying to help, trying to look to the future and not to the past, trying to heal the wounds that existed for many years. I have circulated a draft agreement that in my judgment reflects a balanced approach to how to move forward." And of course Mr. ElBaradei is not a politician but what about the regime behind the smiles? What about the Iranian dictators who are in control and all the screaming we often hear coming from Teheran.

Later Mr. ElBaradei added that there had been many technical, legal and policy issues to address in the Vienna talks, as well as "issues of confidence and trust". And this was the key issue, issues of confidence and trust. How can you trust a regime that has sentenced to death people with the accusation that they participated in an opposition demonstration!

I grew up in the pick of the cold war, when how to protect ourselves in a case of a nuclear holocaust was a school lesson and nuclear drills were an occasional event, actually we did more drills for a nuclear crisis than there were for fire or an earthquake despite the fact that I grew up in a country that suffers from both and the nuclear missiles were far away. I remember that nuclear bombs were the worst nightmare for our young minds and even though war was part of the boys’ games a nuclear war was never. Even we kids could sense the horror and remembering now those moments it was even scary the suggestion of our teachers that in a case of a nuclear war we all go and hind in the dusty cellar of the school where they used to store old desks and maps. How naïve but imagine that even that cellar looked fine in front the fear of a nuclear bomb and despite all the stories that circulated the school yard about lost children that were lost there.

And that was the era with USA on one side and USSR on the other and we were all aware of the sensible balance of terror between the two superpowers. Now the two have become …six, seven, ten …nobody really knows especially after the fall of the USSR. Suddenly nuclear technology became a trade for the black market and scientist started selling themselves to the one who could make the higher offer. And then some of the worst and more dangerous regimes in the earth made that offer. So how can you trust a regime that has threatened a neighbour with total distraction?

Mr. ElBaradei might feel better and reinsured that everything is fine and that the Iranians will play by the rules and obey the international laws but the protection of human life and the right for speech freedom is an international law and it is part of the global foundations protected from the United Nations, the very same institution that covered this talks in Vienna and Iran never complied. On the contrary Iran constantly ignores the international outcry for human rights sentencing people to death for expressing their opinion.

I’m not confusing politics with the fair demand of Iran and any country to cheap energy recourses – even though as things have shown nuclear power is anything than cheap – because in the end of the say it is all about politics. Is not a technician who is going to push the button that will send nuclear missiles into the sky and is not a technician who will decide to arm those missiles with nuclear bombs. Unfortunately it will be like the hysterical president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who will take the decision and that is terrifying!


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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-22 15:33:12
Albert Einstein regretted having urged the creation of an atome bomb on Roosevelt. At this point, when the genier is out of the bottle, he must be turning in his grave.

Emanuel Paparella2009-10-22 15:35:31
Errata: genie.

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