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Sarah Palin looking for a job in internet
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-21 07:38:57
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Browsing the news a small note in a news-blog really hit me and I had to stop and think about it; Sarah Palin, you must remember the former American vice president nominee, has joined the internet social but mainly job connection network, LinkedIn! Nothing against this network and most likely it has been proven helpful for a lot of young people who looking for a future and a career and somehow I sincerely hope that this is just another joke.

However and since I trust the recourse where I read it – at least it has never been wrong till now – Sarah Palin is member of LinkedIn under the name “governorpalin” in her profile and she’s interest in …job inquires! According the blog she has already 500 internet “connections” and friends and I presume after it is known this number is going to increase dramatically. I suppose next step will be the Facebook and Twitter so we can have a better picture of her everyday life now she’s unemployed.

And saying unemployed I remembered that she’s not governor anymore which means in her attempt to find a job through an internet network she’s lying, not the best way to start a career! Sorry I sound sarcastic but I have to admit that after reading that I could not stop laughing. Former Miss something, former television persona, former governor, former vice president nominee; hockey mother and six pack Joe’s wife searching for a job! Character references John McCain! By the way the blogger I read had a very nice description of Sarah Palin, one of her qualities is that she looks exactly like the hilarious comedian Tina Fey!!!

The thing with Sarah Palin - and I think the Republican Party should study somehow - is that the woman represents exactly the party’s present and especially the present after George W. Bush and let’s hope that she doesn’t represents also the future. The woman in her political career was like a toothless dog that barks all the time. She joined McCain not because she had a political past, knowledge of anything or something to offer to the people of America but because she was a woman so she could stand opposite to Hillary – when she was elected from McCain; Obama hadn’t still announced Biden – because she was young compare to the usual age of the candidates and she had similar age to Obama and she could bark loud enough saying the things soft spoken McCain couldn’t!

And she was perfect for her role, because that’s what it was for her, a role in an act and she was the B movie star who had her big chance in front the light and fortunately for the rest of us she failed to cash! Does anybody remember that she was Alaska’s governor and she resigned with a lot of speculation? Well, the talk at the time was that she resigned because she was building her way as a candidate for the next presidential elections and most of us thought that it was good timing and she was most likely following Obama’s example and the way he built his way to the president’s seat.

But since then she did nothing, absolutely nothing! Something that makes no sense or it does make sense if the other suspicion that came out the same time is true; that she was involved in a local scandal that involved everything but rock & roll! Otherwise she had no reason to join the millions of US unemployed and create a profile in LinkedIn! Sarah Palin was a shooting star in politics but it looks like she was a shooting star in everything she did in her life including her family and the stories about them that have filled pages in the gossip magazines and internet sites.

But to return to something I said in the beginning, Sarah Palin phenomenon and everything that followed with her should be a subject for studies inside the Republican Party. George W. Bush was the one end but that doesn’t mean that all republicans and the party itself is that; all though history – including the Republican Party’s history – there have been enlighten republicans who worked for the good of the people and this not only about US history and republican leadership but it is about conservative parties all around the world. Sarah Palin is the worst example of the one end but not the rule and lets hope that she is the exception that proves the rule!


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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-21 14:15:05
Unfortunately, the likes of Lincoln in the Republican party remain the exception and not the rule, just as the likes of Christ among Christians remain the exception. In any case, let us be grateful for the exceptions which disprove the rule.

ap2009-10-21 21:11:53
I thought she would be on 'meetic' or 'christian moms' instead. well, she might as well be...

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