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Hamid Karzai's democracy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-20 07:48:57
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This will probably sounds really weird but that the UN-backed Electoral Complains Commission ordered that ballots from 210 polling stations be discounted for me at least it was a sign of …democracy! We like or not we all knew what was going to happen with the afghan election and Hamid Karzai might has been west’s favourite but he was exactly democracy’s model in his past.

But that there are institutions supported from the United Nations and the European Union that doubt the results and after their research they can prove that there is something not so clear going on with the Afghan election is a healthy sign and I hope, I just hope they manage gradually to eliminate all signs of fraud everywhere including Europe. The last election in FYROM, the cancer of Europe, is the perfect example of total fraud and the need of controlling institutions since democracy has issues even in our neighbourhood.

In the beginning of the counting and before finishing Hamid Karzai announced his victory, however now after the recount and objections it seems that Mr. Karzai might still win with the difference that his rival Abdullah Abdullah is very small. That is another sign of a healthy democracy, when opposition is there strong to control and keep the government on the right path, at least that’s what a good opposition should do.

Hamid Karzai was known before landing in Kabul, a follower of the former king and a man that had shown often in the past that he wasn’t the perfect democrat, however the situation in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taleban regime was uncertain leading in a civil war with just too many open fronts. Warlords, the Taleban, al-Qaeda, the royalists, the communists, the Russian friendly, the Chinese friendly, the Iranian supported and never forget the drug-lords. This was and in a certain level still is the reality of Afghanistan. And Hamid Karzai seemed the perfect choice not because he could controlled them – time proved after all that he couldn’t – but because he could at least persuade moist of them to sit round the same table.

The other thing with Hamid Karzai was that after living for so long in the west he had done the right connections to help Afghanistan abroad and as he has done bring the necessary financial help for the country to stand up. What happened in the meantime is not only Karzai’s fault. The truth is that he was left alone and occasionally became a toy in the hands of interests. Not to forget that in the pick of the afghan conflict the Americans short of pulled out and focused in Iraq.

The international financial crisis was another hit for Afghanistan; five years ago the international community was meeting in Berlin to gather financial help for Afghanistan knowing that the financial prosperity of the country would bring stability and later democracy. Well five years after Afghanistan is still in ruins and most of the countries that gathered that day haven’t fulfilled their promises all due to the international economic crisis. So the Taleban are back, the drug lords are back and the stability still seems like a dream.

Still all that are not excuses for the wrongdoing in the elections and they don’t give to Karzai an alibi, the economic crisis hasn’t been kind to most of the nations all around the world but that doesn’t mean that they forgot or put aside their democratic obligations. But to return to what I said in the beginning despite the fact that both, Afghanistan and the international community need Hamid Karzai, since he is the only one who can guarantee some kind of future stability, that doesn’t mean that all his actions are excused and he has some kind of immunity. Hamid Karzai is guilty for all the frauds during the last presidential election and it is good that there are institutions that can point exactly that, a sign of a healthy democracy in a very …sad occasion!


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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-20 13:32:49
Indeed, it seems to me that there are two equally misleading extremes muddling the water that need to be avoided or perhaps harmonized here: that of the cultural imperialist asserting that while Karzai may be an SOB, he is our SOB; the other is that of the idealist purist insisting that democracy is the same for all people and all places and all times and (paradoxically and oxymoronically) should be imposed, if necessary. Neither extreme, it seems to me, deserves the shedding of blood of young men and the wasting of treasure of a nation that cannot even afford any longer to give all its citizens health coverage, or at least that is what the Republicans would like us to believe. Perhaps we should focus on the original reason why NATO went into Afghanistan in the first place: to fight terrorism. Perhaps the role of NATO ought to be rethought. Perhaps NATO ought to live up to its responsibilities and commitments. Who, after all, appointed the US policeman of the world? Certainly not the UN.

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