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When Iran was seeding demons
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-19 10:11:57
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The death of over forty people is not something you wish and definitely not something you like to be served for a political agenda doesn’t matter who these forty people were representing, by doing so we are losing perspective of human life. And that’s what the Iranian government has done the last days after the murder –how else you can call the death by a bomb – of over forty people with six Revolutionary Guards commanders among them.

The headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards in an extended announcement promised revenge blaming the US and British government for the death of the people. The attack killed the deputy commander of the guards’ ground forces and is considered the worst military casualties for years in Iran. The guards’ officials were in the area negotiating and trying to find solution with the local Sunni population. Apparently it was a Sunni group, named Jundallah – soldiers of God – that took the responsibility for the suicide bomb.

I have the feeling that a saying we have in Greece really suits the Iranian in this case, people say that when you seed demons what else you expect to thresh! And the Iranians have been seeding demons for long time, very long time. Perhaps when Khomeini started the whole revolution that led the Shah away had the best intentions – another saying, the road to failure is made with good intentions – but it didn’t work and in the end the Iranians replaced one dictator with another, the difference this time was the religious background which gave the taste of fanaticism. After thirty years the message of freedom and a country that belongs to the Iranian people was lost somewhere between the Ayatollahs, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei style and the populist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and from a liberated country Iran transformed into an imperialist state with a dangerous regime.

However religious seems to be always the wagon that carries and gives excuses and alibis to their imperialistic dreams for an Islamic republic that expands from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean and definitely around the Arabian Sea. Iraq was the first target for long time and Pakistan is part of the plan. From the period Saddam was the ruler of Iraq, the Iranian dictators had an eye on the country and they used the Shia supporters to cause problems. After the American invasion and the end of the Saddam’s regime the Shia fanatics funded, supported and helped to plan and execute became the assassins of Iran to destabilise the country. They actually nearly led the country in a civil war and they are behind most of the suicide bombers.

Is a common secret that the Taleban have serious ties with the Iranian regime and nobody would be surprised if Iran is behind all Pakistan’s problems, so pay-time is here! And Iran is paying with the same coin, suicide bombers, extremist and terror acts from fanatics, the irony! The seeding demons!


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